Nexus One Coming To Sprint

It’s now official. Google’s Nexus One is making it’s way onto the Sprint network. Sprint’s Twitter accounts just posted this tweet:

Nexus One from Google Coming to Sprint; Availability Date Announced Soon – Press Release

Sprint is continuing to improve their line-up of Android powered devices. This will make the third official Android device in their arsenal, behind the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Rumors are, of course, that at least two more phones may come this year. One with WiMax.

This year is shaping up to be an explosion of handsets on multiple carriers which should be reason for excitement. Competition is always good in the market place. As more carriers introduce the Nexus One, it will be a great look at how the same phone delivers and performs on various networks.

So, Sprint customers, are you getting this phone when it comes out? Or do you wait it out for the “Supersonic” or “Legend/Hero2″?

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  1. Matt R
    March 17, 16:53 Reply

    Supersonic (4G) all the way! You’d be crazy to not want that speed.

  2. Stephen
    March 17, 21:15 Reply

    I think there are a couple of factors. I have been holding out for some new Android hardware from Sprint. So its a tough choice of this or the Supersonic. I think it will just depend if I can get either subsidized and what the final costs will be.

  3. Stephen
    March 17, 21:16 Reply

    Along with that is how long I would have to wait to actually GET 4g coverage.

  4. keishi
    March 17, 21:32 Reply

    Well, if the rumors are correct the HTC Supersonic will have a .6' bigger screen, HTC Sense 2.1, a much bigger ROM, and WIMAX. Not to mention from the sounds of it going through Spring for tech support seems like it will be a lot easier than Google.

    Plus, although Sprint usually bundles some useless, un-deletable apps like Nascar and NFL they also bundle free apps on Android devices like Sprint Navigation and Visual VM (which are actually both pretty great.)

    If Sprint Navigation comes with preloaded maps, then it'll be a suitable occasional replacement for Google Navigator.

    I'll probably get the Supersonic unless they botch it and it has bad battery life or reception or some unforeseen problems. The only advantage I can see for the Nexus One is that since it's a Google Experience phone it'll get pushed the latest updates quickly.

  5. Kenji
    March 17, 23:02 Reply

    I'm so pumped for this. The Nexus One is a VERY slick phone and combine that with some of the best phone plans around, it's a great combination. Let's do this!

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  8. Big Easy
    March 20, 00:06 Reply

    Supersonic or Nexus One. Hmmmmm. I have 3 lines available to add on my account and Im leaning toward the nexus one because I can't wait fo the supersonic. Sprint is probably going to launch that end of May right before the iPhone announcement. Nexus one will come right when 2.1 lands for the hero and moment which sprint said today will be the coming weeks. I say nexus one gets available on a Sunday in April. CTIA next week will give all of the details. Can't wait for March 22 when my boy Dan Hesse gets on stage and makes Steve Jobs sweat in his forever turtle neck. Palm, Apple, Windows are dead OS's and Android is the monster robot. Terminatorrrrrr. I love Android. It's a blackberry on steroids with the coolness of what you would expect from Google. Droooooooiiiiiiiiid

  9. khay
    July 14, 16:13 Reply

    thank you for sharing :p

  10. Michael Allen
    September 13, 11:27 Reply

    I am excited to read about these rumors – that Sprint is continuing to improve their line-up of Android powered devices, that this will make the third official Android device in their arsenal, behind the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment and that at least two more phones may come this year. One with WiMax. Thanks for the information.

  11. Michael Allen
    September 26, 14:30 Reply

    The good news that Nexus One coming to Sprint so enchants me that I could think no other device than Nexus one. Thanks.

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