DailyTech: “HTC Incredible Arriving in 2 Weeks”

According to tech blog DailyTech, Verizon‘s is ready to ratchet up their Android game with the launch HTC Incredible just days from now.  With CTIA next week, it’s being speculated that the nation’s largest carrier is poised to drop both this and the Nexus One on their customers in a virtual back-to-back release.  Speaking to a member of the DailyTech team, a member of Verizon confirmed that the provider will be offering the phone just two weeks from now.

As a quick primer, these are the specs we’ve assembled thus far:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA 800×480
  • 512MB ROM | 1GB RAM
  • 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus
  • Android 2.1 | Sense UI
  • Optical track pad
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • 8GB MicroSDHC card
  • FM Tuner
  • Dimensions: 117.5 mm (L) x 58.5 mm (w) x 11.9 mm (T)
  • iucidium

    That sounds nicer than the desire, well, upgrade in december

  • No go if it cannot compete with Sprint's 4G phone: WiMax 4G, 4.3" screen, … http://bit.ly/9vvcBH

  • Austin

    Probably an april's fools joke

  • ArT

    I've read elsewhere that they're going to downgrade the proc. speed to 760 something.

  • flippedout

    I think you need to update the specs to say the processor has been limited. At least put an * to say speculated or something. It is pretty widely known this will not have the 1Ghz processor. Personally, I hope it does because I am not sure if I want to get this or the N1…the ability to try it out in store might be the difference here.

  • Dorian

    512MB ROM | 1GB RAM


    Surely it's suppsed to be 512MB RAM | 1GB ROM?

  • nice post :p