The Great Debate: Motorola Droid or Nexus One?

Okay, so I have been sitting on the sidelines hearing about all the buzz to the lead up to the T-Mobile banded Nexus One and now it looks as if those of us on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon will get a little Nexus love very soon.  While I am not psyched about it being a touch screen only device, the killer app that may be swaying me is Swype.  I have been using this nifty keyboard app on my Droid for two weeks and am amazed at how accurate and easy it is.  In fact, I rarely even use the HW keyboard, not that I used it that much before. Further, I think the Motorola Roi tablet would be a great companion to the Droid on Verizon.

But I digress.  The Nexus One specs have almost become legend because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Its WVGA AMOLED display makes my beloved Droid seem like an outdated Startac by comparison, and only after three months no less!  As my Android Guys compadres know, I am usually the first to jump on the technology bandwagon and gleefully pay the “geek” tax that comes with buying the latest-and-greatest both financially and emotionally; but the Nexus One just doesn’t seem to have the pop that the Droid had.  Now I know, most out there think the Droid is an ugly, flat black piece of geekery that only us pocket protected IT guys use but I really like the sleek clean lines and its sharp angles.  Not to mention the hardware keyboard, warts and all.

I am not interested in live wallpapers, Google Earth, or anything else that steals power away from the 1Ghz processor.  I just want it to be fast and virtually indestructible as witnessed in Google’s own manufacturing videos.   So for me, I guess I may have just talked myself into the Nexus One.  I have already been feeling my Droid slowing down the longer I have it and for some reason it has been losing its icons when I slide the screen up to expose the keyboard.  If the Android 2.1 update does not fix this problem it may be going half way out the door anyway.

What do you think?  Am I the only one who is  jonesing for the N1 when it hits the Big Three carriers?

  • I'm also waiting for the N1 or Desire, in fact i like more N1, but i think the desir will be at the shops before the N1 8 in spaain!

  • I bought a Nexus One, have had it for 48 hours. Best phone ever.

    N1 is made by the most established Android hardware maker, and supported by the company that develops Android. (N1 has had 2.1 for several weeks now).

    Droid does look cool, but the N1 IS fully awesome.

  • Casper Bang

    I have tried both and currently own the N1. Unless you really really want a physical keyboard, I would definitely recommend the N1. While I agree the live wallpapers etc. is baah… the N1 is just so much snappier. It also has an unlockable boot-loader, so you can very easily start running a community Android build like i.e. CyanogenMod 5. Running a community ROM basically means faster speed, more features and earlier features.

  • dknox20

    I think I would like th nexus but I just hate having a keyboard take up part of my screen. But I do hope it outsells the iphone so apple can die. I think it is a better phone for the masses, and with the support of all carriers android becomes win!

  • Kel

    Received my N1 with AT&T 3G bands yesterday. 😀

    So I'm very pleased to get my geek card reinstated after having it revoked for dumping my custom ROM TyTN and using my wife's 1stGen iPhone for the last 1-2 years. I was one of those unlucky jailbroken iphones folks that had their non-iphone data plans canceled by AT&T on 9/14/10. Of course, I now get to experience "issues" that I should NOT be having at this stage of the game with such a device.

    So far the biggest being that I absolutely cannot connect to any WiFi access point that is not broadcasting its SSID. <sigh>

    Having waited very impatiently to buy an Android device since Android was anounced. I almost bought a Developer's G1, I even suffered with a my wife's 1gen iPhone for the last 2 years after getting fed up with my TyTN, my geek card has been officially renewed with yesterday's receipt of I have now the process of discovering the android "gotchas" WiFi access points must broadcast their SSId for me to connect. <gulp>

    • Kel

      Damn, just lost my card for not being able to post properly. 🙁

  • I'm getting the Xperia next month. Of course, I'm in Japan so there aren't too many alternatives yet; still, it looks near perfect to me.

  • Josh

    Ordered my AT&T Nexus One as soon as I heard it was available and it should be here today. I've been "tolerating" the G1 hardware since launch and I'm very excited for the bump in speed/sexiness the N1 offers. Finally I'll have hardware to match the OS.

  • webby

    Note: All Android phones slow down over time if you don't use a task manager to keep closing apps that are unnecessarily staying open.

    I have a Droid and it was a great improvement over the G1. I'm interested in the N1 for Verizon, but will wait and see if they have fixed the bugs or not.

    I also am very interested in the HTC Supersonic, as I really want a larger screen, as well as a 1gHz processor

    • Usman

      Not true… many of us on XDA have crossed into 300-600 hours of uptime without using a task manager with no slowdowns. There have been several discussions, and it's just not the case. In many cases, task managers screw up and slow down the phone because they interfere with Android shutting down apps on its own, which it does very efficiently as soon as memory is needed.

  • chaddy

    I am a current Sprint customer with the HTC Hero. My big question is going to be Nexus1 or Supersonic. I live in Dallas which is basking in the the glow of WiMax. But that phone looks big. Like more computer less phone big!

  • Truculent

    I love my droid, once overclocked and rooted, the phone eats everything else up. Clocked at 1.2ghz the phone is perfextly stable and flies. The only thing its really missing now is that extra 256mb RAM.

  • I just could not understand how every snapdragon phone ended up with out a keyboard. X10, N1, A1. I mean the sony x1 and x2 had keyboards so I was hopin' for the keyboard on the (then X3) X10. And the only reason I want the keyboard is for gaming. If they'd make a N1 that had a psp-go's slide out controls, I'd be very happy. So I'm rocking the droid, and like it for the most part but I wish the D-pad was symmetrical and the keys were staggered (like the moment).

  • doom

    i waited until nexus release day then decided for the droid. I have the ese53 2.1 update with tether, overclock, live wallpapers, 2.01 launcher which is perfectly stable and smooth as can be. Swype does tend to make the qwerty less useful but there are still thngs that just need a hard keyboard.

    I'll keep my droid until the nexus 2 comes out. or at least until a phone tablet comes out that wows me. To me the nexus just isnt any better. My droid is 1100mhz, and although i do want more. The n1 just doesnt offer it. I want hdmi, voip, more memory, but that will all come in time. Ill probably wait for the N2

  • Giovani

    I just sold my N1 Tmo version to get the AT&T version but now I'm holding to see if AT&T will subsidize it, I would go for the Droid but if it was 300ish unlocked with AT&T 3g

    but I'll wait to see if there is a good choice on a phone with qwerty =(

  • Rafael N

    I chose the nexus because when It came out it was going to be the prototype design for many newer phones to come, nothing substantially better will come out android wise for more than a year. For example the new HTC phones coming out have minor design changes like hard buttons (which I wish the nexus had).

    The hard keyboard was an issue at first, but once you learn to roll your finger lengthwise and press the keys with the edge of finger. Typing is just as accurate as a hard keyboard and since you don't have to go through the clicking motion, how fast you type is directly related to how fast you can move the fingers. Also I'm I the only one thinks that opening and closing the keyboard area a pain in the ass, it was just as annoying for me on the G1 as it is for the soft keyboard to take up screen real estate.

    I think maybe that its time to say goodbye to hard keyboards on large screen devices, they're clunky, adds more moving parts to the phone (increase points of breakage) and adds size to the overall design which steals away space that could be used for a larger battery.

    • Sam

      Great points Rafael. Thanks! But the only change that I can tell would be faster processors in future Nexus devices. Snapdragon 1.5Ghz would be nice.

  • Richard

    You stated my feelings exactly,i liked droids tech look and lines but after researching I got to have the nexus, its screen and themes plus sleek design is the attraction for me.i had iphone , eris, behold 11, currently have mytouch with swype keyboard, love it, tue htc hd 2 is out this month too, plus supersonic with sprint, but for me its the n1, from what ive seen off iphone 4g it is killer good looks and specs but its n 1 for me right now

  • Russ

    on day of droid launch, i made my girlfriend go return her p.o.s. HTC Imagio for a sparkling new DROID. Its been a decent phone, I haven't had a chance to root it since its her's, but it has relatively frequent freezing/crashing issues. Her icons will disappear on her desktop for some unknown reason, too. Its fast enough, screen looks good, and the hardware keyboard is nice. I had a G1, upgraded to the Nexus One. The N1 just feels more stable in my hands, I was initially wary of going all touchscreen, but as stated above, once you become accustomed to life without the hardware version, its appeal fades quickly. Sure it'd be nice to have some physical buttons (i'm looking at YOU, HTC Incredible), but the Nexus One is by far the most time consuming and fun to play with device I've ever owned. All this recent business with the failed DROID update from Verizon, shoooot, I'm looking forward to easy updates for a while.

    • Usman

      I too was hesitant about getting the Nexus One. As a G1 owner, I was hesitant to get a phone with only a virtual keyboard. However, I can honestly say that within a week I was typing relatively fast, and now after a couple months I can type just as fast as I could with the G1.

  • kal

    I'm waiting for Sony Xperia 10….unlocked available? When will T-mobile or Verizon get enough guns to finally bring it to mass market? what is the deal? They will take sooo much business away from ATT and iphone..this is an awesome droid..snapdragon, fast, sleek looking. if they wait too long, they will lose the market.

  • I agree, my Droid has been slowing down and that weird icon thing was bothering me as well. If the update doesn't make stuff work good I'm probably gonna have to reset it. I disagree though that most people think the phone is ugly… come on it's one of the best looking phones out there

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