October 24, 2014

Warehouse Shows HTC A9292 (Supersonic) in Equipment List

We’re merely days away from CTIA and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse’s keynote address but we’re pretty darn sure we know what will be part of his agenda.  The HTC Supersonic is all but an official “go” as pretty much everyone expects it to be unveiled.  For those who haven’t heard of it, the Supersonic will be a 4.3-inch behemoth with Android 2.1 and WiMAX capability.

A member of Android Community’s message board who happens to work as an indirect dealer for Sprint stumbled upon something in an internal warehouse system. Labeled as the the HTC A9292, this is believed to be the Supersonic. You’ll notice it mentions the device as “WIMAX BAR PHONE”. As we’ve reported here before, this will be the first device that Sprint offers with support for their WiMAX network. Other specs rumored to be included in the Supersonic are Android 2.1 with the new Sense UI, FM Radio, a kickstand pro, and an optical joystick.

So, with the Nexus One and the Supersonic on the way to the Now Network, who’s looking to pick one of these up?