Where In The World Is Android? (Poll)

We asked you all this past week via a poll in the AndroidGuys App, “Where do you and your Android live?” We had an awesome 400 responses this week! You can see the results of the poll in the bar graph on the left. The conclusion we can draw here is that the majority of the AndroidGuys community is located in the United States and Europe. For detailed results of the Poll, see below:

Canada 9 2%
Central America 6 2%
Caribbean 1 0%
South America 0 0%
Greenland 0 0%
Africa 0 0%
United States of America 262 68%
Europe 90 23%
Middle East 4 1%
Asia 7 2%
Russia 0 0%
Southeast Asia 2 1%
Australia 2 1%

Do you have the AndroidGuys App on your Android yet? Get it and start voting this week when we start a new poll. Have ideas for a poll you think we should do? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wouter

    Hmm i doubt whether this survey is really good. European people tend to create their own language based android site(s). And this site is kind of USA minded, not that that is a bad thing.

    So i think the numbers of the european voters should be higher, although still not close to the amount of american users :)!

    Still nice to see such a thing anyways :D!

  • ohhh i didnt see this!

    Im from Australia 🙂

  • nice post. i like it :p

  • In view of the poll findings, I do agree with the conclusion that the majority of the AndroidGuys community is located in the United States and Europe. Having been satisfied with the device and services, it is safe to advise Android to galvanize the market to other parts of the world too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • It is nice to observe android growing in size and stature, crossing beyond USA and Europe. I’ve enjoyed reading the interesting facts about my favorite android. Thanks for the informative post.