Sprint’s Android 2.1 Updates Due in “Coming Weeks”

Samsung Moment and HTC Hero owners will be excited to learn that Sprint plans to roll Android 2.1 out to their customers in the “coming weeks”.  As the carrier gears up for the Nexus One and,  presumably,  the HTC Supersonic, subscribers will soon have their pick of cutting edge phones and hardware form factors.  You can barely make it out, but the image above says that more information will be coming in April. Here’s hoping Sprint handles the 2.1 rollout better more efficiently than Motorola and Verizon have with the Droid.

Source: Android Central

  • chris

    As far as I can tell, the above image is just a blurry something that someone put up on a forum here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=

    Got anything more legit to go on than that?

  • joecrack305

    wow thats crazy i posted that on xda and it starts making its round on the internet lol

  • James Johnson

    So what happened to Verzons 2.1 that Android 2.1 stopped as it started

  • we've been reading "releasing soon" long enough.

  • cooterpunch

    I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!

  • Danny

    with the morons at my local sprint stores i sure as hell hope it's either pc based or ota. they didn't even know my san mo has an update a while back……..if it wasn't on sprints site i'd still have the old firmware.

  • Simon Belmont

    Come on, Sprint! I've been pretty patient and even in your corner about it taking longer to integrate the new Sense UI into Android 2.1, but I was really hoping the end of March rollout date was true.

    I really hope that if we're getting "info" in April, that the "info" will be a release date in early April for the 2.1 update. Please, no one is making apps for anything less than Android 1.6 anymore.

  • 7 Years W/Sprint

    All I want to know is this. Is it going 2b OTA. I don't currently have a laptop and refuse to buy a $2000 computer to update a $200 phone, for the same reason I would refuse to buy a $200,000 "robot mechanic" to work on a $20,000 car. Sprint, Samsung and others who think OTA is somehow "optional" for them to provide (and who take FOREVER to provide a single update) are so delusional that they're probably on crack. I WILL NOT update via computer and I will NOT bring in my Moment to a Sprint store. I WILL take by business elsewhere if they don't get their act together and provide OTA updates, and provide them QUICKLY from now on! I've been steaming about this for months.

  • 7 Years W/Sprint

    Another thing, I noticed there are updates in 2.1 to some "crapware" that I don't even want at all (and intensely resent being forced by Sprint to pay for) such as NFL and Nascar (and possibly Sprint Navigation). WTF is up with that? It's rotten enough that they FORCE me to pay for it by building it into the OS and monthly charge, whether I want it or not, I can't even UNINSTALL them to save memory space. I called Sprint advanced tech and they said these crapware apps were hardwired into the OS. They said I could get root and dig them out, but then they wouldn't support anything. So I can't get rid of them and besides now the 2.1 update will add more bytes into them which will take up EVEN MORE space. I wonder how much of my money they wasted developing these app updates that I hate and despise and am forced by Sprint to allow on my phone??

    Don't get me wrong, Sprint does a lot of things "more right" (if not perfectly) than Verizon and AT&T. And I've had Verizon b4–MISERABLE coverage and massive dropped calls compared to Sprint. BUUUUT when Sprint screws up they rarely admit it. As for these crapware apps of theirs, I wonder if anyone has told them about the Android market? I've never checked but I'd bet money that there are apps for NFL and Nascar and Navigation (etc) on the Market, and THAT'S where such stuff should be–NOT baked into the OS! I don't even want text messaging included, if I want to text I can download an app for that.

    ALL I want from you, Sprint, (ALL–MIND YOU) is voice and unlimited data! That's it!! And here's another newsflash for you Sprint (and other carriers) as soon as your 3g and 4g get upgraded everywhere and either Skype or some other service comes out with an app with unlimited minutes to replace your voice service, I am "so gone". I will only need or want "data only" then. You can fight it all you want, but your voice business will be totally commoditized within 10 years of today and I can't wait. Get it thru your thick proprietary heads, we ONLY need you for data. That's it!! Data ONLY! Everything else is an application (EVERYTHING!!!) including voice! You can FIGHT your customers by bundling crapware together and delaying OS OTA updates and treating everything like its STILL your little "walled garden", but you will only succeed in slightly slowing down the inevitable–and pissing us all off in the meantime! OOOOOR you can embrace the painful future and earn our good will, and future data business by not holding up the inevitable another microsecond longer than it has to take.

    Now, can I get an "AMEN" on all that from the congregation!! Thank you.

    • Tom

      If you don't want texting, call Sprint and tell them to disable it for your phone number. After getting false charges for being sent advertexts, we did that.

      Also, I'm not sure how long it's been since you bought a computer, but you might want to do a bit of research before complaining about needing a $2000 computer to do anything. I find it hard to believe that anyone writing comment posts as long as yours doesn't already HAVE access to a computer with which they could update their phone.

  • Jason

    I am trading mine in for the htc supersonic. You took to long Samsung/Sprint

  • churro

    @7 years with sprint. Nobody is forcing you to do anything if you don't like the service than leave, I agree with some of the things you say but come on, go act like a 2 year old somewhere else. Sprint is great, Google is awesome.

  • David

    7 Years:

    I love Sprint Navigation, and I think it's better than anything I can get for free on Android Market. I don't know what plan you are on, but I thought Sprint required you to get the Everything Data plan with this phone. I know I did for $69.99/mo, and I think that's a bargain. There is no separate monthly fee for Sprint Navigation. So about the only thing I can agree with is that yes, it does take up space, and if you don't want it, that's a bummer–but it doesn't bother me, since I love it.

  • the g house

    7 years, you're an idiot bud. all the apps you mentioned have no monthly subscription fees, they're just sprint exclusive services. whether you choose to use or even like them is your prerogative. they're not in the market because they're sprint exclusive and the market is android globally accessible.

    secondly, I don't know who you think you are but no cell phone company would ever develop a phone without the native texting software, just to cater solely to you. its a major service used by the clear majority of all wireless users and that's a point you can't refute.

    and as far as your voice over data connection ideas go, while that might be coming up in the future, it will be a huge step backwards in all directions. you'll need 3g-4g coverage just to talk as opposed to your standard cell reception. and then, all the wireless providers still own the cell towers, so you'll be paying them regardless. and if they stop selling voice plans and only unlimited data plans, they'll have to raise the prices on those plans to cover the losses and increased data usage per user. and you don't think skype is going to offer free unlimited minutes in this capitalistic society, do you? your sprint bill will be about the same, plus you'll be cutting a check to skype, and your reception to make and receive calls is going to be a fraction of what it ever was…

    you'll be getting no amens from anybody with a brain here.

  • It's really a good news for sprints users,Android is actually spreading among users so fast.Thanks for this information.

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  • As a result of Sprint’s Android 2.1 Updates Due in coming week, there would be a good competition in the market among the Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, Motorola and Verizon. Let us hope it benefit the users of their devices. Thanks for the information.

  • The Droid system is taking over, hopefully it surpasses the iphone 4!

  • It is interesting to wait for the new updated Sprint device handles the 2.1 rollout better more efficiently than Motorola and Verizon have with the Droid. Thanks for the information.

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