My Addiction For Android Continues With This…

My Addiction For Android Continues With This…

In my (never ending) quest to inundate my life with all things Android I run across some of the most bizarre and sometimes awesome things. Fortunately, my family tolerates my craving for more (usually, until I brought my Nexus One to bed with me… ya that was some great advice). I did find something recently that I had to fight my kids over though, and even standing at 6’4″ tall and 240 lbs, I almost lost it to them.

Say hello to my new desk companion:


It's Not A Doll!!

I love this little dude. Handcrafted by a lovely young lady named Nicole Aaron at A Plus Amigurumi, he’s just too adorable. Yes, a 33 year old grown man just said “adorable.” You can find Nicole Aaron and her awesome creations, including the stuffed Android (it’s NOT a doll!) at her Etsy Store. Price is only $15 and $4.95 to cover shipping anywhere in the United States. If you live outside of the States, Nicole Aaron will ship it to you for only $7.

Since she makes every single one of these by hand, it does take a while to get to you (mine arrived three weeks after I placed the order). But, it’s well worth the wait to be the envy of your other Android-loving friends. Even if you are a 33 year old man that still plays with dolls collects memorabilia.

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  1. @scottyabrown
    March 21, 04:51 Reply

    Just as an addendum to the article: These things are very very well made. The attention to detail that she puts into these little dudes is outstanding. As a matter of fact, I'm commissioning her to make up a few more custom ones for me :)

    • merge word documents
      May 24, 15:36 Reply

      Pretty reasonable price for a stuffed Android-like doll. Thanks for sharing. Ya know, maybe I'll order one of these babies!

  2. Air Conditioner
    May 20, 08:04 Reply

    Just like you,am a lover of Android.So I like the new dude,I must take a look at it.Thanks.

  3. Grain Flaker
    August 30, 12:08 Reply

    It is so covetous to entangle you. A thing of beauty is joy for ever. It is obvious to be addicted for that cute Android with best price. Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. id plates
    September 23, 10:51 Reply

    It is great sharing your desk companion. I admire Nicole Aaron and her awesome creations, including the stuffed Android (it’s NOT a doll!) at her Etsy Store. She should have property rights for her new creations!

  5. Ray Douglas
    December 12, 03:10 Reply

    Oh boy! You are damaged. I mean totally gone. FUBAR.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an android fan myself and can’t imagine my life without my Samsung Galaxy Tab. But I don’t frap to a android sex toy.

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