My Addiction For Android Continues With This…

In my (never ending) quest to inundate my life with all things Android I run across some of the most bizarre and sometimes awesome things. Fortunately, my family tolerates my craving for more (usually, until I brought my Nexus One to bed with me… ya that was some great advice). I did find something recently that I had to fight my kids over though, and even standing at 6’4″ tall and 240 lbs, I almost lost it to them.

Say hello to my new desk companion:

It's Not A Doll!!

We're giving stuff away to help celebrate our tenth anniversary. Are you in?

I love this little dude. Handcrafted by a lovely young lady named Nicole Aaron at A Plus Amigurumi, he’s just too adorable. Yes, a 33 year old grown man just said “adorable.” You can find Nicole Aaron and her awesome creations, including the stuffed Android (it’s NOT a doll!) at her Etsy Store. Price is only $15 and $4.95 to cover shipping anywhere in the United States. If you live outside of the States, Nicole Aaron will ship it to you for only $7.

Since she makes every single one of these by hand, it does take a while to get to you (mine arrived three weeks after I placed the order). But, it’s well worth the wait to be the envy of your other Android-loving friends. Even if you are a 33 year old man that still plays with dolls collects memorabilia.

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  • I want one >(:|

  • AmandaS

    Very nice!

  • Just as an addendum to the article: These things are very very well made. The attention to detail that she puts into these little dudes is outstanding. As a matter of fact, I'm commissioning her to make up a few more custom ones for me 🙂

  • Very nice Thenks!

    • Pretty reasonable price for a stuffed Android-like doll. Thanks for sharing. Ya know, maybe I'll order one of these babies!

  • Just like you,am a lover of Android.So I like the new dude,I must take a look at it.Thanks.

  • Hey – love that androif!

  • That green guy is cute! exis1

  • Can't wait to get my new android.

  • It is so covetous to entangle you. A thing of beauty is joy for ever. It is obvious to be addicted for that cute Android with best price. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • If you like Android amigurumi here’s one that’s just too cute.

  • It is great sharing your desk companion. I admire Nicole Aaron and her awesome creations, including the stuffed Android (it’s NOT a doll!) at her Etsy Store. She should have property rights for her new creations!

  • sageb1

    Too cute.

    I feel vanilla.

  • Oh boy! You are damaged. I mean totally gone. FUBAR.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an android fan myself and can’t imagine my life without my Samsung Galaxy Tab. But I don’t frap to a android sex toy.