AndroidGals: Google Buzz from My Perspective

While geo-location applications have become increasingly popular, there are those that still feel uncomfortable broadcasting their every movement to everyone around them.  Sometimes, you just don’t want everyone to know exactly where you are.

The new Google Buzz widget allows you to Buzz with the option of generalizing or hiding your location as well as making your Buzz private all from the Buzz screen. In fact, the screen you access from the widget has all the same options as the Buzz screen on the mobile web site giving you all the functionality with one touch convenience.
When I wanted to buzz from home but didn’t want to broadcast where my apartment was to the world I had the following options:
  1. Use the city as the location (this was automatically designated as my location when I opened the screen)
  2. Select my apartment complex (no thank you)
  3. Select a nearby location (seemed silly)
  4. Hide my location altogether.
  5. Make my Buzz private so that only my friends can see.
I opted to make my Buzz private, disappointing all the fine people of Albany who were dying to hear my critique of an American Idol performance. But I am happy to know that I could potentially alert people to bad roads (I’ve actually used Buzz to check on road conditions and it was very effective) or petition people in the area to look out for my neighbors lost Yorkshire terrier without giving away my home location to everyone.
  • I'm glad to hear google has apparently put a bit more effort into privacy in buzz. I started using buzz as soon as it was available, but fully disabled it when I learned about the security flaws. I just re-enabled it Thursday, after being urged for the umpteenth time by a friend. I'm usually a big fan of google and their products, but the whole buzz debacle has really shaken my confidence in their commitment to "Don't be evil". Sure, it's more of the 'good people doing nothing' sort of evil rather than a more active form, but to fail their users so badly is definitely on the evil spectrum.

  • I love Buzz. I do think it's going through a bit of an identity issue though. When Buzz was first launched, it seemed to work best with Maps… and it seemed to be so dependent on location. That is what made Buzz unique. Now with an effort to cull privacy concerns the location aspect has become more of a side feature. Is Buzz going to continue evolving into another Twitter type clone, or will it focus more on the location feature that made it so unique to begin with?

  • A S

    What is the need for a category or title which says Android Gals? How does it matter to the readers whether a post is written by a gal or a guy? It may be okay if the content of the post is specifically targetted for women (say a review of an app that is mostly for women). But please don't label something as Android Gals just cuz the author is a gal. It's like pre-announcing: "Look here people, a girl wrote this post!"

  • @A S: We're building content for our soon to be launched "sister" (haha! see what I did there??!!) site… for now, it'll be here until we get enough on staff and material for launch 🙂

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    @scotty – I think it would be easier and more beneficial to both the readers and the admins of the site if all the content was on one site. Just call it Android Gang or something like that. Otherwise, you guys have to maintain two different sites and all the associated admin work doubles. And us readers have to subscribe to two different feeds. IMO, it just makes more sense to have both gals and guys on the same team when covering a non-gender topic like Android. We get more diverse opinions and coverage in one place.

  • I agree with AS. I don't see the valueadd of gender separating the site. If your goal is to appeal to a market niche you see as under-served, why not do that on the main site?

  • While we haven't said it here on the site, we've mentioned on the podcast a few times that we're gearing up for a second, stand alone site written by gals. It's not going to be another me-too news site. It will be less time sensitive, more opinion and analysis, and geared towards females. Not that guys won't have great takeaway value though. Just another option. Once CTIA dust has settled, that site will launch.

    • Yeah, I still don't get why you'd feel it was so crucial to make the articles gender segregated, especially to the point of separate sites. It's exclusionary, and it disappoints me. And, ya know, it's reinforcing stereotypes that guys want specs and chiqs want opinions. I'm sure there's lots of guys who want to hear opinions and analysis, and I know plenty of women want to hear specs, and most people want both. Maybe the podcasts have had some great logical explanation as to why you're segregating the content, but I doubt it, cos your explanations here don't even hint at a logical reason in my opinion.
      I'm very disappointed with this choice.

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