Download This! Replica Island

Fans of classic side-scrolling classics like Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog should checkout a new game for Android called Replica Island.  Using everyone’s favorite green robot, players fly around and try to vanquish enemies and dodge trouble in search of the mysterious Power Source. This retro looking lets users roll, fly, jump, and stomp their way through 40 levels of game play.

Replica Island will work for any handset running Android 1.5 or later and can be found for free in the Android Market.  In fact, the developers have released the game as open source for the world to enjoy!

In a related note, check out the initial press release for the game.  It’s one of the most creative docs we’ve come across yet and makes for a great read.  Someone has a serious Steve McQueen fixation!

Scan to download Replica Island
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