Android Isn’t The Most Popular… Yet.

No matter when you got into Android, whether it was since the beginning of time (November 5, 2007) or since a week ago, you have seen Android grow in some way. The latest growth we hear about is from Canalys, a research firm, that says Android will have a growth rate of 169.2% this year. While that is a huge jump Android is still running behind the current leaders RIM and Apple.

This rise in Android has a lot to do with the availability across multiple carriers and price point for consumers who are buying smartphones. These lower priced Android phones will rocket Android’s market share from 9.7% to 18.9% this year. Both RIM Blackberry and Apple iPhone are to see a significant drop in market share due to Android’s rise.

One more thing I assume we will see is a large drop in the amount of people giving confused looks when you talk about Android!

Source: (InformationWeek)

  • Giovani

    This report is based only in North America. Symbian is the most popular mobile os with a world marketshare of 47%, RIM 21%, Apple 15%, MS 9% and Android 5%.

    Android has my support but you can't beat R&D made by Nokia for decades specially on those Eseries models.

    • ojiisan

      Well, I am glad you pointed out that the articles figures were misleading, being only for North America. But having used Nokia phones, I cannot agree with your high assessment of their UI. Sure, 10 years ago, in the GSM world, theirs was the highest quality UI. But a lot has changed since then. Specifically, Symbian’s UI is really poor compared to Android.

      But that alone is not enough to compete with Symbian on Nokia phones. Then again, that plus the availability of a wide variety of interesting Android apps just might be.

      That has not materialized yet, but it could be just a matter of time. Not even very much time.

      • Giovani

        I never said their UI was better, I didn't even mention it.

        Symbian is more for business, maybe that's why they are trying a different OS for their high end phones like Meego, the more competition the better for us =)

  • recently i set out on a quest to get my first android mobile. I was surprised how many mobile sellers have never heard of the world Android. When i say Google android, they appear more confused. Having a real time trying to get them understand it 🙁 and this is happening in Manila

  • Chico decicco

    The Nexus One will be available tomorrow on Verizon and then the stock will continue to rise check it out

  • Symbian is by far the most used phone OS in the world, true. But it does play a somewhat different role than the likes of iPhone, Android and RIM. It's an OS for phones that really are phones, first and foremost, and will run on devices far smaller and constrained than any of the others.

    Smartphones, on the other hand, are better thought of as modern-day PDA's with cellphone capabilities. Anecdotally, I know four people here in Japan with iPhones (Android is just starting to show up for real here) and every single one of them also has an ordinary flip-top cellphone. They use the the iPhone as an always-connected pda and web client, but it's pretty lacking as a phone and phone mail client so they have a normal cellphone for that. Notably, a recent survey also showed that there's as many people here with carrier-enabled netbooks as smartphones; in this market at least, they seem to fight in the same market space.

    • Giovani

      Different role? Nokia Symbians were the first to get youtube, flash web support and many other features… I'm not sure if Japan has Symbian v3/v5 phones but those are nokia smartphones, they've been doing smartphones since the 90's, check their website.

  • Yogesh

    I have a N1 and I sometimes hate it for the lack of basic phone features. Google has forgot that any android based phone is a phone first. See a list of issues here which I think should be corrected:

    And the worst thing about Android is, that Google is damn slow in ackowledging and correcting bugs. Simple to fix issues of more than a year are yet to be even assigned. Never expected this from google. Too bad.

    I love android but I hope google gets it's act straight.

    • hazydave

      I agree with some of these. But speed dialing…. 1970 called, and wants its hack back. The typical speed dialing trick is a crutch for the lack of a better UI for frequently used numbers, The "favorites" panel does this job, only much better, IMHO, since it contains those numbers I assign and numbers I actually use frequently. And then there's voice dialing… voice recognition on my Droid (and presumably, any other Android phone) is the best I've used on any device, and works great. Press the search button, say "dial Mom home" and it calls my Mom… way faster than trying to recall which two or three button keypad combination I put her home phone on.

      I do like the idea of general purpose data in the contact manager. You and I know the difference between "Birthday" and "Anniversary", but to the device, all these should mean is "date + tag" to be propagated to the calendar. I should be able to add other date tags as well that link back to a contact.

      With few exceptions (sorting options), this is already more powerful and better a phone, by far, than my old Treo…. Palm really seemed to think of the "Phone" aspect as an afterthought.

      Another interesting aspect of the smart phone market is that it's exploding… it grew something like 25% last quarter. So while Android gains market share and continues to, some of the other guys are still growing in sales, even if they're falling in relative market share. It this growth rate continues, though, at the market matches this 18.9% estimate, that'll be profound — most of the smart phone growth will have been Android. I could deal with that.

      • hazydave

        Hey look… it’s me, from the future!

        3Q2010 numbers for Android.. by unit, 43.6% of all smart phones sold in the USA (“by unit” is the number that’s significant for the software platform; “by dollar” is the number that’s significant for the manufacturer.. I’m sure Apple made the most money). Apple followed with 26.2%, with RIM at 24.2%, and everyone else lost in the noise.

        Android made up 25.5% of the global market for the same time period, with SymbianOS at 36.6% and iOS at 16.7% (Gartner Market Research). RIM filled out the category at 14.8%.

        3Q2009 had SymbianOS at 44.6%, RIM at 20.7% iOS at 16.7%, and Android a measly 3.5%.

        Of course, the market itself is growing insanely fast — Apple sold 13.5 million iPhones in 3Q2010, versus 7 million in 3Q2009. And over 20 million Android devices sold in 3Q2010.

  • youll be the most popular..

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  • I think the market excluding US has more android users for a simple reason it is cheap and it is easy to use, with access to millions of apps.