September 20, 2014

Dell Aero - Android Never Looked So Good

Besides the status bar, you wouldn’t know this was Android. This in my opinion could be the best looking Android UI we have seen since HTC Sense. The phone I talk about is soon to be released by AT&T called the Dell Aero; a version of the Dell Mini 3i. I can not say much about functionality as the phone has not been released but first impressions like this make me all warm and fuzzy inside. As for what we’ve heard about the specifications it has a 5MP camera, 640×360 touchscreen, and other features seen in the Mini 3i. The screen size is an unusual one for Android that we don’t see often; halfway between a G1 and a Nexus One.

This phone is announced along side the first pair of GSM webOS smartphones, Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, to make it to the United States.  It also marks the second Android phone to come to AT&T since the Motorola Backflip. We can only hope that the Dell Aero does not follow in the Backflip’s disastrous footsteps. No release date known yet.



For more information see the official AT&T Dell Aero Site (Link will be active soon).

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