Kyocera Zio M6000 Smartphone

Following the saying “The more the merrier,” I am pleased to announce that Kyocera revealed the launch of a new Kyocera (and Sanyo) branded Android device at CTIA 2010 today. The Kyocera Zio M6000 will be released in Q2.

There are not many details yet on the Zio (pronounced Zī -O), but from the press release we know it will have a 3.5 inch WVGA screen, a 3.2 MP camera with 30fps video recording/playback and a dedicated camera key. A surprisingly small amount (only 256MB) of internal memory is added to the expected microSD slot (up to 32 GB). It will also have, like most Android devices, a light sensor, accelerometer, media player, Google Maps and a web browser.

The phone is using CDMA2000 and right now there is no information on carriers or price. The press release mentions Google Goggles, so it is fair to assume it will have at least Android 1.6, if not better. I think 2.1 should be mandatory.

  • Wireless.O.G.

    Sanyo has an exclusive to Sprint in the United States. So if it is Sanyo branded it is definately a Sprint phone.

    • guest

      This is not a phone that I am seeing any where in sprints systems.. there is no mention of it coming to sprint. It is however and surprisingly going to Criket wireless along with the Blackberry.

    • Repeat

      actually it is a cricket wireless phone as of right now. no "big named" cellphone companies have the rights to it (as of yet)

  • optional

    Why there are always ads for the iPad on this Android-Site? You guys always compare Android with the iPhone with the conclusion, that Android is better. And now you show a lot of Apple advertisement?

  • Eruaran

    Kyocera pays Microsoft for patents. Essentially they pay Microsoft to use GNU/Linux. This of course extends to Android. I wouldn't by a Kyocera product since they have allowed themselves to become part of Microsoft's protection racket.

    “Microsoft is asking people to pay them for patents, but they won’t say which ones. If a guy walks into a shop and says: “It’s an unsafe neighborhood, why don’t you pay me 20 bucks and I’ll make sure you’re okay,” that’s illegal. It’s racketeering.” – Mark Shuttleworth

  • Wow thats pretty impressive for a low end phone and if the price point is right I will pick this up for another Android toy. I assume it is a Virgin Mobile bound Android considering Kyocera long standing relations with them

  • Brittany

    It is Kyocera branded and coming to CricKet, that much I know. Kyocera has been providing CricKet with low cost low-end phones for years.

  • Kay

    Its officially a Cricket phone. It says on their site.

  • whit

    im ready for the zio to come out already come on to cricket faaaaast

  • Chris

    Im interested, but, it is a kyocera. not had good luck with them through the years. To me (my opinion) They make cheap made non trustworthy phones. I havent had no luck with kyoceras and i refused them in the past. I will wait to see what happens

  • esteban

    has anyone heard if there is an actual release date for the kyocera zio with cricket wireless?

  • thank you for sharing :p

  • nikki

    when is the set release date ! Q2 ain't tellin us nothing !

  • info

    you will see it soon!!!

  • Impatient

    I have been waiting and waiting for this Zio and no one can or will tell me when this phone is coming out. I hope the 12th is the final date, all these dates and Q2 promises whatever Q2 is is getting a little old.

  • nicole

    soon as i hear this fone is out i will be at cricket getting it!! supposedly the Blackberry comes out in August and this Zio maybe in September…hope not! but ill be on the lookout

  • R San

    Hey guys… both ZIO (andriod) and Blackberry launch at the same time…… and with rate plans of $55 with unlimited everything for ZIO and $60 with unlimited everything for Blackberry……….. it launches coming Monday…… ohh… best part is that Cricket is removing fees for now (activation fees, reinstatement fees etc.) so the price you pick is the price you pay…. with unlimites access……… I say go for it…….

  • R San

    Ohh… forgot to mention…. I was actually able to get a look and feel of the ZIO- it feels great and works great…. and feels surprisingly light on your hands…. i have also managed to get the user guide and the features on the phone looks pretty good…. (and yes it being launched by Cricket).— don't ask where I got hold of the handset—- I had hands on experience using both ZIO and Blackberry being launched by Cricket….. feel free if any of you folks have any doubts/questions.

    • D. San

      does the ZIO feel cheap? or like the rest of the kyocera phones which appear to use low quality materials?

  • R San

    Well… the ZIO (android) and Blackberry launch on August 6th…….. and you could also flash Android phones from other carriers to Cricket (although flashed phones may not always work great), but Cricket assures mobile web access on flashed phones with $55 rate plan….. and for folks interested in Blackberry- its a great deal at only $60 rate plan which again gives unlimited features (web, e-mail, calls, text, downloads, roaming minutes etc.)……..

  • Mike O

    Just got my ZIO M6000 ‘Droid today. Very impressive for the price. Cricket widen their available use sites and it’s practically all of the U.S. Keys on the ZIO are a bit “touchy.” You must touch lightly on the small keyboard, but there is an app for a larger key board for around $2.00. With all said, I’m satisified with the entire package. And yes, it IS a CricKet product.

  • Johnny KO

    I’ve had mine for over a week now and I’m extremely satisfied! Finaly Cricket has a high end phone with unlimited access for a good price. It doesn’t feel cheap and is considereably lighter then other smart phones. I’ve waited for years for cricket to finaly have full HTML web browsing and it works great and the network was faster then expected.

    Other then the fact the battery life gets eaten up too fast. Even using “app killer addons”. This phone gets an 9/10 from me! Hope this helps!

    Oh, also it was Sprint or AT&T that confirmed they were gonna release this phone aswell to compete with Cricket.

    • Johnny KO

      Oh, wait forgot to mention the Android platform it uses is ver 1.6 the newest is ver 2.1 and its waaay better. I have to change my vote considering ver 2.1 was available upon release of this phone and they still released it with the older version… =( 7/10!!

  • batya

    хочу купить kyocera-zio-m6000-smartphone в американском интернет-магазине

  • Rod

    I own this phone and it is nothing but horrible. The screen lags; you can only use one finger at a time; there are miss strokes all the time. If you swipe left or right sometimes it will go up and down. Kyocera and Cricket Customer Service are impossible to work with to get an upgrade to 2.0. The phone freezes often and you have to hard boot it. The screen will time out for no reason at all no matter how long you have the screen time out set for. The soft keys only light up on start. There is a constant flashing green light you can never get rid of. For your money, the best thing to do to save you all of these headaches and more that i didn’t mention, you should find an actual Android phone and not consider either “droid” phone cricket has available.

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