HTC Desire Quick Look

I was lucky enough to win a HTC Desire in a competition with T-Mobile. That’s right, I won it. I nearly didn’t as the competition rules stated that when T-Mobile rang me I had half an hour in which to respond. They rang twice, I ignored them twice. Luckily I picked my voice mail up and gave them a call. This was on Monday, I had the phone the following day. As part of the competition I had to agree to do a short video review of the phone. Fortunately I had done one or two video reviews before so this wasn’t a problem.

My first thoughts of the phone? It’s quick, sexy and a sure winner. I have noticed one or two oddities about my particular phone:

  • No speech to text
  • No Android keyboard (just HTC’s Touch version)
  • No Voice search

This may be because T-Mobile have customized the ROM or that my phone is a pre-release version and the retail version may rectify these things.

The plus points are:

  • Pinch to zoom in browser, images and maps
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Quick and smooth to use
  • Face recognition in camera
  • Loads of other things……

This is my review for T-Mobile but I will do a more comprehensive one soon. Enjoy.

UPDATE: T-Mobile contacted me to say that the build I am using is different to the final build so some of the issues here should be rectified with the retail version.


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  • JWilkins

    Think I remember reading that Google`s speach to voice is for nexus one only currently but will be available to other android versions in the future.

    • DarrenRichie

      I guess that because its running Android 2.1 like the Nexus, most of us assumed it would have the same features.

  • Tony

    Is the HTC Desire coming to T-Mobile USA? That would be awesome!

  • @sumitasok

    is it a locked phone…i would like to use it in India…

    • DarrenRichie

      I am assuming it will be locked. The bootscreen is branded with Mobile carrier.

  • Roffy

    I'll be looking forward to your detailed review. My (T-mobile UK) G1 contract expires in a month and the Desire is my current choice to replace it. My 2 doubts about it are lack of a physical keyboard and how the screen appears in sunlight.

    • DarrenRichie

      I am getting used to the onscreen keyboard slowly as, like you, I prefer a physical keyboard. Getting there slowly with it though. As for the screen it seems to be ok in sunlight and the ambient light sensor works well to automatically adjust the brightness.

  • anakin78z


    Are you sure the android keyboard isn't on it at all? If you long press on a text field, do you get an input method option?

    • DarrenRichie

      Thanks. No the android keyboard is definitely not on my build. There is no option to select it from the Keyboard settings. Just doesn't exist. But as I have said in my update, my build is different from the final build so hopefully these things should be rectified.

  • @gregrafferty

    Congrats on the win mate! (I'm secretly gutted)

    When I didn't win I pretty much went straight on the site and hit the preorder with the 10 quid a month contract, hopefully will arrive early next week.

  • @gregrafferty

    Congrats on the win mate! (I'm secretly gutted)

    When I didn't win I pretty much went straight on the site and hit the preorder with the 10 quid a month contract, hopefully will arrive early next week.

  • jsh1120

    While I appreciate the content of the review, I will not patronize this website again if the obnoxious, intrusive ad from continues to obscure the the content.

    • ryanbrownstar

      Adblock, anyone?

  • Edgar

    So does this mean that the HTC Desire will be released here in the US with T-Mobile?

  • r4 dsi

    Hi , really nice phones .. Thanks for sharing …

  • IJM


    What MicroSD did your Desire come with, please?

    i.e. What size and what class card?

  • Kyle

    Will this phone be coming to the US?

  • khay

    thank you for sharing. nice video :p