Skype Android app for Verizon Available Thursday

Skype and Verizon announced at CTIA that a Skype Mobile app will be available in the Android market beginning Thursday, March 25, for users of the Droid, Droid Eris, and Devour on Verizon. The app is not the VOIP app you might be imagining: it relies on Verizon’s voice network to connect calls.

The app will allow users to:

  • make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls
  • send and receive unlimited IMs with other Skype users
  • manage their Skype contact list within the app
  • make international calls at Skype’s calling rates.

The two companies announced they’d be partnering on this project earlier this month. This week’s announcement gives us more specific information about the timing of release (this week!) and the features of the app.

A Skype representative was noncommittal when asked if or when they might bring a pure VOIP app to Android, and I believe I read a big, fat “nope” between the lines, especially given their more positive noncommittal response to other inquiries.

If you’re a Verizon customer who uses Skype, let us know what you think about the app once you’ve had the chance to try it out. If you use the Skype Lite app that was available more generally in the Market, know that if you uninstall it, it’ll be gone forever: Skype has pulled it from the market. And if you’re interested in using a VOIP service on your Android phone, your best bet might be to check out other apps like Fring or Tubaloo.

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  • dcode

    So does this mean it will work like the Skype Lite application and use my phone minutes to connect the calls?

    • It works the same in that it uses Verizon's voice network rather than a data connection, but Verizon won't count the calls against your minutes.

  • Matt

    Things are heating up in the VOIP sector. Even smaller guys like have solutions to offer fee international calls on the mobile.

  • Well, it’s here and it sucks. Downloaded the app this morning only to discover that wifi must be disabled in order to be signed into Skype, despite all calls going through the VZW voice network. Activating wifi signs you out of skype, so you have to choose: cripple your device, or kiss “always on” skype goodbye.

    • Dave (also)

      Echo that. I was somewhat disappointed not to have video, and could see that they would want you to use your precious minutes instead of using Voip, but why can't the Skype app simply ignore wifi? Cripple my phone? UNIINSTALL! I'll go looking for a competitor. I'm told my Droid won't work in Europe (except wifi would), so I was so looking forward to Skype. Useless. Worthless.
      I think IM is also 3G, so if your plan is not unlimited, it probably eats into your bandwidth budget.

  • Chuck

    Verizon Skype mobile for android is total GARBAGE! A worthless turd of an application.

  • Johhny

    Verizon and Skype…… Turn off my WIFI…….fat chance go FCUK YOURSELF!

    • Adrian

      Thank You, its FUCKING RETARDED, say i live in a place with low 3g signal and i have wifi WHY THE FUCK CAN I NOT USE WIFI? skype was kinda ok before but now verizon fucked it up

  • I need to be able to be online or at least available nearly 24/7 so I was kind of depending on them not to launch with a garbage app…

  • Octavio

    I just installed skype for Android and uninstaleed it 5 minutes later. It is totally useless. it disables the wifi and works over the verizon network meaning that it's costing you money. Skype, GET A CLUE! Don't bother releasing an APP if it can't be used wirelessly. This is probably the verizon Nazi's forcing this lack of functionality.

  • HDB

    This seems to only be a problem if you use your wi-fi consistently. Considering that you have unlimited data (with all smart phones on Verizon), what does it matter if you need wi-fi off to use it. Plus wi-fi is a battery killer anyway when consistently left on.

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