Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G: It Sizzles?


I was just perusing through Sprint’s developers website and came across something kinda strange. On the site, Sprint’s upcoming 4G powerhouse device was listed with all of its glorious specs. However, the title of it threw me off. It was called the “HTC EVO 4G Sizzle.”

No, this is not Photoshopped. Anyone have any thoughts as to what this is all about? It’s probably either a typo, or someone messing around. Either way, it’s good for a laugh.

See for yourself…


  1. Did you notice the specs for the “Sizzle” claim an amoled display? Something funny there. The HTC Evo 4g has been consistently reported to have LCD. Lew

  2. I think that "Sizzle" is an adjective in this case, not a noun. Ie add speak for this phone is going to be a hot (desirable) item.

  3. it didnt when i typed in developer.sprint.com but when on that site and i clicked on the devices tab it sure did show up with the sizzle part.

    • I can't get that video to work anywhere. Keeps telling me I need some funky WMV plugin but when I try to install it it says not applicable to my system. Win7x64. Also, Gypsy was what it was called internally.

  4. If true, I think it is just referring to the buzz around this phone. YOu know, the sizzle not the steak. Sell the sizzle and the steak is free! Get the buzz/sizzle for this phone to high levels before the device actually launches. Hence this term showing up on a developers site.

  5. guys ever hear of snoop double dizzle? cuz he be the shizzle at speaking with the sizzle….;)
    i think someone in sprint must love snoop!!!

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