Rumor: Verizon’s Nexus One Due by End of Next Week (With a Surprise)


SoftSailor is reporting that one of their most trusted tipsters claims the Nexus One will hit Verizon Wireless by the end of next week. We’ve been hearing things like “soon” and “any day now” for a while, but this is perhaps the most definitive window yet.   In a related note, jkOnTheRun is reporting that the Nexus One will arrive with something the other version(s) don’t have.  Being that we’re talking Verizon, we could guess this means Skype Mobile will preloaded.  However, there are plenty of other fun things to consider.

We’d like to hear from you – What do you think Verizon’ version of the Nexus One will have different from the T-Mobile iteration?

Lower price?  Flash? Sense UI?  Available in retail stores?  Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Verizon is already pushing Skype mobile to its select smartphones. I just got my Skype mobile app yesterday on my Blackberry Curve. If it's to be a 'Surprise' it has to be something newer.

  2. I thought the whole purpose of the nexus one was that it is all google and nothing from the carrier. That would mean no skype off the bat and no verizon navigator. And I would say that counts out Sense UI as well (just wait for the HTC incredible for all of those things to be pre-installed).

    But as for the surprise? Hopefully they'll be in store! I'd love to put it up against the Incredible when it comes out!!

  3. I don't think there will be any hardware changes except for the radio being CDMA. However, I hope they have CDMA+GSM and make this a world phone. If they did that, this phone will beat every other phone in the market. Heck I will buy one for each of my family member.

  4. Here's what I want the surprise to be:

    1) HW-accelerated super-smooth flash.
    2) A front camera —> plz plz plz plz
    3) An ultra-thin keyboard.

    • A removable camera lens option would be significant in their sales. It would open a whole new market to personnel who can not have a "camera phone" while at the work place due to security reasons. The lens could be installed on personal time.

    • Seriously, what's the big deal of a front camera? at best it's a niche accessory for those who like to take self portraits, which admittedly, the vast majority do not.

  5. Honestly, the best thing software wise that could happen to the VZW n1 would be sense UI. I have a Droid right now, and that's the only thing I think would make this phone better. I've read rumors about Verizon phones coming preloaded with swype in the future, and I wouldn't really be surprised if they started with the n1. Of course, the odds of anyof this happening is questionable due to the all google-ness of the phone. I was really pumped for the n1, but as of right now, I'm more inclined to wait for the incredible.

  6. Hmmm, it could be CDMA+GSM–that way they could release vodaphone and verizon at the same time with the same phone…after all, they both say Coming Spring 2010

  7. CDMA + GSM would simply destroy everyone else. As clunky as my Samsung Saga is, it is nice that it works everywhere on earth plus flawless vzw signal. 6 bands, Rev A and wifi! Who needs LTE? The connection isn't the slow part. 1Mbit is already more than a smartphone needs.

  8. I guess you reporter's have nothing better to do, first it was going to be announced at the CTIA, now it's this week, that week. It's from a trusted source, or a better source from before. Why don't you reporters just wait until Verizon or Google announces something, instead of going with your unreliable sources.

  9. SoftSailor is reporting that "one of their most trusted tipsters" and in a related note, jkOnTheRun is "reporting that the Nexus One will arrive with something the other version(s) don't have." These two statements make me laugh. Time will tell. How about a retail price of $499, that's something the other versions don't have. HaHaHa. I hope the 'surprise' is that they will be available in store, but I doubt it. Gonna wait a little longer and see what happens with the Incredible.