150,000+ Incredibles In Warehouse, Ready for April Launch?

CTIA came and went without any Android-related Verizon news.  After watching Sprint and a few others walk away with all the green robot glory, we’re waiting for Big Red to drop something on us.  According to an AndroidForums thread, we could be seeing something in the next few weeks. Allegedly, the screen your looking at is from an inventory system that shows 156,709 units “On Order”. It’s said that this status indicates they’re in a warehouse, ready to go.

You tell us – Is Verizon gonna drop the Incredible on us any time soon?

  • matthew

    You know what…I'm a little fatigued by all the speculation about when the Incredible and Nexus One will appear on Verizon. Clearly, I'm not completely exhausted because I keep reading these bits.

    • psco29

      I am with you, Matthew. Tired of waiting! Tiger Woods is more forthcoming with information than Verizon is. Time to start weighing all my options in the market…

  • ant dude

    Sprint has my complete attention. Verizon, you maybe losing 3 customers because of your silence.

  • thank you for sharing :p