March 27, 2015

ASUS Confirms Tablet Plans

With Computex only a few months away, Taiwan-based ASUS has confirmed plans for a pair of “iPad killers”. In an interview with Forbes’ Elizabeth Woyke, ASUS revealed that they are prepping “at least two tablets” and are expected to unveil them at the June event. Chairman Jonney Shih thinks there is room for tablets somewhere in the mix between netbooks, smartphones, and e-book readers.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, one device is expected to be Windows-based while the other is either Android or Chrome. The Google based unit will be centered around content consumption with a focus on media whereas the Windows unit will be more powerful. If anyone can put out an inexpensive tablet, it’s ASUS. They debuted the Eee PC back in 2007 and essentially kicked off the low-cost netbook era.

We’ll find out in early June as to what ASUS has up their sleeves.  Be sure to keep an eye on AndroidGuys for the latest information as we can gather it.

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  1. gad

    Pls stop this "Ipad killer" stuff its no longer funny.Why must everything be compared to Apple products.

  2. Jim

    For those of us ready to pull the trigger on the iPad, it sure would be nice to know more details.

  3. Pete

    Ok I have an IPad and a Droid. Gotta tell you the Android OS beats the IPad OS hands down. Flash, apps, etc…


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