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With today’s economy making it difficult to put any extra coin in your pocket, apps like Toshl are doing their part to help out.  If you are an Android user who cares to learn more about their finances and spending habits, we recommend you download this new mobile expense tracking application.

Timeline lets users take a look at past finances so you can get a feel for where your money is really going.  Bet you didn’t think all those $4 coffees added up so quickly, did you?  Tracking is done chronologically and can be broken out by day or month.

It’s simple to add expense from your phone; Enter the price, add a tag, and then “Add” it.  If you want, you can also add a description or change the date for your entries.  Users can tag and categorize their expenses so it’s possible to itemize spending.  Tags are remembered and suggested each time you add a new expense.

All of your expenses are backed up in the cloud and can be viewed through  The application is available for free whether you have a basic or Pro account.  While the free account offers quite a bit (export to .CSV, view by tags and time, and basic graphs), the Pro edition provides additional functionality and features.  For $19.95 a year, users can export specific month or tags, export to Excel, PDF, and Google Docs through Further there are more detailed graphs available, automated email reports, expense searching, and more.

Scan/Click to download Toshl!

Download Toshl from the Android Market today at the low cost of free. If you have an Android phone you can scan the barcode to the right or click on it with your handset!

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  1. Matt
    March 31, 17:23 Reply

    I would just use and wait for their app. It does all the heavy lifting for you. Just make sure to use your check card everywhere you go.

  2. Craig
    March 31, 17:46 Reply

    This looks like a decent app. Xpenser works better for my needs though.

  3. Ratnok
    March 31, 17:56 Reply

    If you have a Wells Fargo account, the website will track and categorize all of this for you with NO DATA ENTRY WHATSOEVER. For free. Plus it won't eat up memory on your phone. You just have to run all of your purchases through either a debit card, credit card, or automatic transfer (for bills). Your bank might have this feature too. If not, Toshl might be a great substitute!

    • Ratnok
      March 31, 17:57 Reply

      And no, I'm not talking about the rip-off "bill pay" programs that most banks have.

  4. outlawer
    March 31, 19:53 Reply

    probably the most easy to use, international ready (not like mint and others) and free. with everything needed for simple and quite fun expense tracking. awesome download.

  5. xracerx
    April 01, 11:41 Reply

    LAME… so many of the apps these guys plug aren't innovative or unique. It's like they're just posting news and saying IT'S GREAT!… IT'S ALL GREAT!!

    • NecksisWun
      April 01, 17:53 Reply

      What's wrong with them informing readers of decent apps every so often? Over 30,000 apps in the market… why can't a blog promote an application or game once in a while?

  6. khay
    July 14, 09:38 Reply

    nice info. thank you for sharing. i like it :p

  7. pdf format
    July 27, 23:50 Reply

    $19.95 a year, nice price i think. Thanks for info

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