Latest doubleTwist Release Adds Android App Search

When it comes to converting and synchronizing media with Android phones, nobody does it better than doubleTwist. For nearly a year now the “iTunes for Android” solution has made it easy for users to back up and sync pictures, video, music, and more. Today sees doubleTwist adding Android Market functionality to the application. The app lets users browse through and search for Android apps in rather clean and clutter-free interface.  Each result brings up descriptions, comments, and QR codes that can be scanned with your handset. Yes, we know it’s a lot like Cyrket, AppBrain, and Androlib. We’re hearing, though, that a future version will add the ability to download apps over the air, without QR codes.

We’ve integrated the Android Market into doubleTwist to help users search, browse and discover new apps. The launch of the doubleTwist Android Market finally brings Android on an equal footing with the iPhone by enabling users to discover apps and view ratings and comments without being limited by the small screen real estate of their phone. With the Android Market integration doubleTwist ties together apps, music, photos, videos and podcasts for Android users. – doubleTwist

If you’d like to check out the app search capability for the Android Market, you can head to and get started.  If podcasts are your thing, you can also try out their as well.

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  • david

    Wow this seems so much faster than cyrket and androlib. Excellent use of AJAX for the pictures too. It is as sleek as an iPhone app but in our Android world.

  • cant wait to try.

  • nice info. thank you for sharing. i like it :p

  • Anonymous

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