Motorola Scrapping MOTOBLUR in Favor of HTC Sense UI

It looks like Google isn’t the only one looking to address Android fragmentation. Word on the street is that Motorola has scrapped future MOTOBLUR plans in favor of (wait for it) HTC’s Sense UI. Now we understand why there’s been a rather long delay in getting handsets like the T-Mobile Cliq updated to Android 2.1.  According to sources familiar with the matter, the handset maker had been mulling this over right around the time the Espresso screens leaked. 

They (Motorola) realized it would be in their best interest to adopt their (HTC) build rather than compete head to head.  As part of the deal, HTC has agreed to integrate some of the MOTOBLUR widgets into Sense UI with added customization.  Further, the remote wipe and backup features will be included in future builds of Sense.

Looking back, we can’t say we’re surprised. Remember seeing Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha at the release of the Nexus One?  Apparently that’s when official talks started between the two.

It started out as a light joke right before Chou took the stage.  Afterward, the two shared a few drinks and got the ball rolling.

Thanks for the heads up ArlosPiflo!

UPDATE: Androinica is reporting that AT&T will continue use of MOTOBLUR in a limited-license deal.

You tell us!

Is this a good move or a bad one?  Does a Devour or Backflip sound any better to you if it had Sense on it?

  • eYe

    This would be awesome if it wasn't Aprils Fools 🙂
    In all seriousness, I would pay double for a Cliq with Sense on it rather then MotoBloat.

  • Great news… thank you for the tip ArlosPiflo! 🙂

    • rstr1der

      ArlosPiflo = April fools (w/ letters mover around)

  • DisKO

    But I LOVE MotoBlur! …though I don't know anything about the other so I can't really say it would be better or worse…

  • Arg

    bah you got me 🙁 would be nice if sense got the remote wipe and remote backup though

    • jingelbells

      it has but only on the desire and desire HD

  • eddie

    So its april and cliq update should have been in march. Were is it or is it a month long april fools joke. I'm waiting…………

  • Joe S.


  • B.C


  • jeffsandroid

    The real April Fools Joke will be when may 1st rolls around and all us Cliq users are still stuck on 1.5. (Q2) 2010…MOTOpsych! haha

  • iuci

    If its april fools – shame on you. If not, that means another big company is standing at the side of bullied HTC. What’s apple’s next dispicable move?

  • convoy83

    given the likely hood of this being an april fools joke, it seems rather mean spirited to me… the funnier would have been to go the other way and claim htc was dropping sense for motoblur

  • Chris

    .ArlosPiflo. April Fools.

    they got me too 🙂

  • I wish that was true since Sense is so much better than BLUR :p

  • scared me there for a second, senseUI sucks!

  • rstr1der


  • TareX

    U guys took the April fools day a bit too far…

  • Seriously, was this an April Fools joke or for real? I'm all confused with the comments.

  • sarah

    i hope motorola gets sense

    • Harsh

      April Fool Dude

  • sarah

    Motorola is this April fool or the real deal

  • sarela

    i home Motorola gets sense too sarah

  • Harsh

    i guess it is not going to happen but it is not a big deal.

    • sarela

      u r right….it is not a big deal

  • nice info. thank you for sharing. i like it :p