Sloof Lirpa – First Person Shooter


Just when you thought developers couldn’t get anymore generous AndroidGuys Projects,  the masterminds behind the AndroidGuys App bring you a free 3D first person shooter! Taking place during the Nazi-Germany oppression this game is non-stop action from the moment you pick it up. The game has just been released to the public on the Android Market for free after months of beta testing  trying to get the formula right. The game will bring back nostalgic memories of great FPS’s such as Goldeneye and Counterstrike.

The game will have you yelling “Boom! Headshot!” time and time again. Run through country completing top secret missions as you fight for the British Army in an assortment of modes including stealth, interrogation, and battlefield. Download a copy and let us know what you think of it, we hope you enjoy. Scan barcode below to be automatically linked to Android Market.

Sloof Lirpa
Sloof Lirpa
  • Gerhard Guevarra

    Hmmm…Anybody else catch that Sloof Lirpa is April Fools spelled backwards?

  • I can't believe I'm still holding a 2.5 star rating in the Market! I never thought I could simultaneously piss of so many people at one time!

  • Guest

    Y'know what would be cool? If you guys released the source for this tomorrow. A lot of aspiring Android devs would probably love to pull apart a relatively simple app like this.

    And maybe then we wouldn't hate you so much for fooling some of us, too. 🙂

  • money mo

    damn that was a good one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha, got me there 🙂 I was so excited to see a 3D shooter I forgot it was April Fools!

  • Tansen


  • nice info. thank you for sharing. i like it :p

  • None

    i cant get it

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