BlueAnt Releases App for Q1 Headset

BlueAnt released their BlueAnt Q1 Android application yesterday which pushes Bluetooth capability another step forward.  Using the free app, it’s possible to have your text messages read aloud directly into your Q1 headset as they are received.  While the headset already provides the ability to make phone calls and use voice commands, this first of its kind app further improves the hands-free experience of the Q1.

This BlueAnt Q1 Android application revolutionizes the mobile phone and headset relationship providing seamless integration between both devices.  Now Q1 users will be able to hear text messages received on their Android mobile phone, further enhancing the truly hands-free experience BlueAnt is known for. – Taisen Maddern, Executive Chairman of BlueAnt Wireless.

Scan/Click to download BlueAnt Q1

You can find the app in the Android Market for by scanning/clicking the barcode to the right.  Be advised that this only works for Android 2.0 and above.  If you’d like to pick up a Q1 headset for yourself, we recommend grabbing one out of the AndroidGuys store!

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  • Can any Q1 owners give their reviews of this headset here? It looks nice, but I see lots of negative comments about build quality (the earpiece breaking off) and poor battery life when I have been researching this earpiece online.

    I really want multipoint connections (2 phones @ once) and the a2dp streaming capability. Is there a good alternative? Or should I wait for the Blueant T1?

  • Wow…it looks like my comment referencing a price on this item on another site was deleted. Seems like the fact that this site is backing a store of its own is a clear conflict of interest.

  • Let's see if this gets deleted again – you can get this item for $55 – $67 on Amazon.

  • guest

    I didn't know that the Nexus One could do Bluetooth voice dialing. Does this Q1 allow for bluetooth voice dialing? any reviews on how accurate it is?

    • John Lang

      The N1 and the Motorola DROID cannot do Bluetooth Voice Dialing.
      But this BlueAnt product is supposed to be able to let you use the voice dialing on the headset, to call speed dials, through the headset.
      So basically the headset is providing a feature the phone does not have.

      You need to remember who is on each assigned speed dial number.
      But hey if you want to voice dial at all right now, this is the way to go.
      Very cool.

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