Google’s AdWords Dashboard Gets Optimized for Android Handsets


Earlier this week Google announced their new AdWords for mobile for Android, iPhone, and Palm Pre devices. Designed to streamline the AdWords experience, the mobile website gives users quick and easy access to alerts and statistics and allows for snappy changes while your away from the PC.

It’s recommended that you log into the website from a computer prior to going mobile. This way, you can set up preferences, flag keywords, and create reports you want to keep an eye on. For instance, it’s possible to create an alert for when your campaign has reached a specific percentage of its daily budget. If you need the full on AdWords experience, it’s as simple as switching to desktop version at the bottom of the screen. As of now, the new AdWords for mobile is the default setup for a small percentage of English language advertisers. Down the road additional advertisers and languages will be supported. If you just can’t wait, you can always head to and check it out.

  • thank you so much for sharing.

  • David

    I am using my Android with my private Gmail address (and had an adwords account linked to it, although I am not using it right now). I’d like to check my professional adwords accounts on my mobile without having to go through the hassle of “unlogging, relogging, reunlogging, relogging”, everytime I want to have a quick look a the account. Any good way to do that? It seems the interface doesn’t allow me to do it easily…