Cooking Capsules Releases Long-Awaited Brunch Recipes

The team over at Cooking Capsules has released their much anticipated followup application. After taking a top 20 spot in the first Android Developers Challenge with Cooking Capsules Taster, this weekend finds Cooking Capsules Brunch landing in the Android Market.  Like its predecessor, Brunch offers videos, grocery lists, and step-by-step recipes.  Download it today and have some Eggs Benedict for breakfast tomorrow!

Grab Cooking Capsules Brunch for $1.99 out of the Android Market today!  If you have your Android handset on you, scan the barcode and get it immediately.

Click/Scan to Download!
  • This app is a neat idea. $2 investment to potentially fix my terrible cooking – I'm down.

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks! Glad you like the idea. Be sure to check out both the Cooking Capsules Taster and the new Cooking Capsules Brunch. Let us know what you think! -Mary Ann (founder)

  • Haha those "Swiss Potate Pancakes" are better known as "Röschti" 😉 They're delicious!

    • Roger, I agree! They really are delicious. They have several names and variations in different parts of the world. They are called "Latkes" sometimes too. I hope you'll try them out if you have Android and let us know what you think. We tried them a few different ways and liked using oregano best, although dill and thyme were nice too. -Mary Ann from Cooking Capsules

  • Note: the QR code above leads to our first app, the Cooking Capsules Taster.

    This page has the QR code:

    Thanks so much for getting the word out, AndroidGuys! You're the best. I hope you try some brunch recipes and let us know what you think.

    Mary Ann

  • Hey AndroidGuys- thanks for correcting the QR 🙂 Just tried it and it took me straight to Brunch.

  • Cooking Capsules Brunch app price has now been reduced to .99! 🙂 Happy Brunching.

  • thank you so much for sharing. great post!!! like this :p

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