Google Buzz from My Perspective

While geo-location applications have become increasingly popular, there are those that still feel uncomfortable broadcasting their every movement to everyone around them. Sometimes, you just don’t want everyone to know exactly where you are.

The new Google Buzz widget allows you to Buzz with the option of generalizing or hiding your location as well as making your Buzz private all from the Buzz screen. In fact, the screen you access from the widget has all the same options as the Buzz screen on the mobile web site giving you all the functionality with one touch convenience.
When I wanted to buzz from home but didn’t want to broadcast where my apartment was to the world I had the following options:
  1. Use the city as the location (this was automatically designated as my location when I opened the screen)
  2. Select my apartment complex (no thank you)
  3. Select a nearby location (seemed silly)
  4. Hide my location altogether.
  5. Make my Buzz private so that only my friends can see.
I opted to make my Buzz private, disappointing all the fine people of Albany who were dying to hear my critique of an American Idol performance. But I am happy to know that I could potentially alert people to bad roads (I’ve actually used Buzz to check on road conditions and it was very effective) or petition people in the area to look out for my neighbors lost Yorkshire terrier without giving away my home location to everyone.
  • Jay

    Great article! Question, what is that wallpaper behind your buzz widget?

  • Melissa Lashley

    I’m not sure actually! This was my first submission and someone else handled the screenshots, I’ll have to look into it.

  • Nicole Cozma

    That image was originally posted on phonereport, I believe. So it would actually be one of their wallpapers, or maybe even a stock image from Google.

  • Jay


  • Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.:)

  • Maybe you should change the webpage title Google Buzz from My Perspective | AndroidGuys to something more suited for your blog post you make. I liked the post all the same.

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