Report Shows More Planning to Buy Android over iPhone

Android's Tremendous Growth

For the first time, more people are considering Android than iPhone.  ChangeWave conducted a recent study for people who are considering purchasing a smart phone over the next 90 days.  According to the results, 30% of those polled  are considering Android as opposed to 29% for the iPhone.  While the number is very close and not indicative of all potential buyers, it’s still worth noting.  Even more telling for Android’s growth is that it jumped 9% from December.  The iPhone was the next closest with one percent gain whereas the other platforms declined or stayed put over the time frame.  Android still comes in second in satisfaction with 65% of those surveyed “very satisfied” with the OS.  Apple sits at the top at 76 percent.

Source: IntoMobile (Thanks Todd!)


  1. Out of all the operating systems, I think Windows is in the worse shape. The amount of money Microsoft has poured in Windows 7 Phone will not be recouped. Microsoft waited years too long to update their mobile OS. From the trends I've seen, Android will remain dominant for years to come.