“Sloof Lirpa” Source Code Released

On April Fool’s Day we released an app on the Android Market that claimed to be a World War 2 First Person Shooter which ended up actually being a humorous self-destruct button. While it was a dirty mean trick we have released the source code of our April Fool’s Day app after we got questions from aspiring developers asking if they could see the inner workings of such a simple app. It is not a tutorial but rather a chance for new developers to see some important features of Android in action. The source code is available in our Downloads section on the AndroidGuys Projects Website in the form of a zip file. While the app has now been taken off the Android Market now seeing as April Fool’s is now over, it is still available for download as in our Downloads section. The key features that developers can look out for in the well-commented code are as follows:

  • Use of SoundFX using the Android SoundPool Class.
  • Use of threads to make a timer.
  • Simple Animation using XML animation files.
  • Use of a device’s Vibrator
  • and many other simple things such as intent, OnClickListener interfaces, and runnables.

As I am still a fairly new developer, some of the code you see may not be “best-practice”,  but in the end I always come out with an app that works exactly as I had originally imagined. I hope the source code is helpful to many new and aspiring developers as my personal source of education has primarily been from examining other developers code.

Thanks and Happy Coding!

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  1. khay
    July 14, 02:06 Reply

    thank you so much for sharing :p

  2. Tah3r A
    July 16, 17:32 Reply

    I can’t download source code of App!
    Download link is destruction!

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