October 24, 2014

Hey Verizon, Just Announce the Incredible Already!

Anyone following Android can tell you that current holder of worst kept secret is Verizon’s forthcoming handset, the HTC Incredible.  The tiny bits of information hitting the internet have gone from a slow trickle into a downpour.  Late last week, the Incredible was found in the Cellebrite system. The last time this happened, it was for the Motorola Devour.  A few short weeks later, the phone was formally announced by Big Red.

Over the weekend, we saw a handful of tweets from Verizon’s VZWOffers account with references to the handset.  Without officially confirming anything, they do nothing to play dumb or pull the old “We cannot comment on products that have not been announced” deal.  Today sees us getting a screenshot of some activation instructions for the phone.

At this point, it’s just getting silly.  C’mon Verizon, announce the phone and get it over with.