Best Friend of the Day, TeleNav

Best Friend of the Day, TeleNav

As I returned to work from my 16 days of vacation I had the wonderful privilege of driving an hour for a meeting.  Normally right before I leave, I will print my driving directions off the Internet and head off.  All that changed yesterday.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.5 was the Android app that I used to get to my meeting.  All I had to do was enter the address of my destination and it had me on my way.  To be honest, I was a little on edge at first.  There was still a concern that I would find a way to get lost or not make it on time. As far arriving late goes, I noticed on the bottom right that TeleNav told me how far away I was from my destination and how long it would be before I would get there. Really cool!  It even the adjusted the expected arrival time for those moments I went a little faster than the signs recommended.  These are the types of features that put my mind at ease.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.5

Another major advantage to this app is that it literally talks to you.  I was told not only when to turn, but how far it would be until I needed to.  My fears of feeling lost were gone!   Let me tell you how cool it was to not have to find my printed directions on my passenger seat.  With all the papers, folders, and bags, that one sheet of paper gets lost easily.   As I approached some construction on the highway, TeleNav gave me the option to have it reroute me with a tap of the screen.  When it popped up I literally said, “That’s genius!”

I have had a little hands on with the app before with my husband’s G1 but I hadn’t depended on it until yesterday.  It really is an amazing app, simple and easy to use.  I didn’t have any worries about doing things wrong or “breaking” it.   It’s really nice to have an app that’s fool proof. I do get stressed when I have to drive long distance or to places I don’t know all that well.  I really felt comfortable driving yesterday using TeleNav’s app.   For me, this is a must have!

Don’t just take my word for it!  Check your current Android phone as TeleNav is preloaded on many of today’s handsets.  Often times, there are trial periods for users to test it out.  I’m confident that you’d be very pleased with it should you give it go!  For more information, head to TeleNav’s website.

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  1. celticchrys
    April 14, 18:16 Reply

    It would be nice to see a comparison of TeleNav to regular GPS units, or compared to similar software on other platforms.

  2. Mike
    April 24, 03:34 Reply

    Hmm… Have you never heard of Google Navigation? It does everything Telenav does, for free.

    • Alex
      May 04, 10:08 Reply

      Not everybody lives in a region were google navigation is available..

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