Engadget: Android-Based ICD Gemini is Most Feature-Complete Tablet Yet

Built around the 1GHz Tegra 2 SOC, the 11.2-inch ICD Gemini should provide comparable endurance to Apple’s A4-sporting iPad, while besting it in the grunt stakes with its glorious ability to chew through 1080p video when required. If that wasn’t enough, the rest of this thing’s spec sheet reads like a wishlist. Headlined by a 3G connection that allows cellular voice calls (crazy, we know!), it also includes a user-replaceable 40Wh battery, an SD card reader, FM radio, GPS, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, MicroUSB connectivity to PCs and USB peripherals, stereo speakers, and dual webcams — a 2 megapixel front-facing unit and a 5 megapixel autofocusing snapper on the back.

Multitouch displays will be available in both resistive and capacitive flavors, with the 1,366 x 768 resolution being filled by Google’s snappy Android OS. Oh, and did we mention it will run Flash? Because it will. Full specs and a comparison to its direct competitors await after the break, though we’ve yet to find out when this JooJoo killer will be making its arrival or at what price.


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  1. @romedroid
    April 06, 18:23 Reply

    That 512 MB RAM is fairly disappointing, but the rest of the specs are promising.

  2. @scottyabrown
    April 06, 20:53 Reply

    If I had to hazard a guess… I'd put it at $499. But that's just a guess :)

  3. @scottyabrown
    April 06, 21:01 Reply

    Oh, and just so we are clear… I'd buy it in a heart beat and leave it on my coffee table for household use.

  4. gad
    April 06, 21:02 Reply

    Quite impressive…..

  5. abmw
    April 06, 18:26 Reply

    If you cant buy it? Nu? What gives? Is this the beginning of the iPad alternatives?

  6. James
    April 06, 18:52 Reply

    Any word on the price? If it is $499 it is competitive but if it is $899 it is going to do poorly in the market.

    @romedriod The iPad only has 256 MB RAM so this tablet still wins on that spec.

  7. jim
    April 07, 01:26 Reply

    looks pretty good..any android tablet that out does an Ipad is alright in my book!..although I personally can't wait for the Notion Ink ADAM..

    • jarek
      April 11, 18:16 Reply

      same that seems to me like the most promising tablet

  8. Chris
    April 07, 08:33 Reply

    just finish researching… and WOW… is all i have to say. To compare the Gemini to the "Ipad' is an insult, the specs on this device is revolutionary, unheard of, Next Level… thats why I love android, Quality over Quantity… apple can put out anything make it silver and shiny and call it an i-something and there followers will eat it up… so sad…I'm a proud owner of a nexus one and I don't buy Android because its cool (even though it is), i buy android because Its cutting edge technology that doesn't rest on its powerful name but fights for techperfection. Yet another Apple killer… I will definitely purchase this when it hits the market CANT WAIT!

  9. @j10jep2
    April 07, 14:25 Reply

    I just hope developers come out with some cool tablet apps or else you're just stuck with an oversized phone

  10. jim
    April 08, 03:17 Reply

    Any word on when this tablet will launch?..I thought I seen that an august launch was in the works..the more I see it the more I want one!

  11. dalaron1
    April 16, 20:29 Reply

    Storage will be a problem as well. I really like what I'm see, but the problem with Android is that you can only store programs to direct memory and not to sd cards. So you have such a great machine with this big limitation. If you can store programs to the sd card then imagine how unlimited it could truly be.

    • gopher
      April 30, 02:05 Reply

      If someone roots it, that'd be possible :p

    • Randy
      May 28, 02:21 Reply

      That isn't true any more. In Android 2.2, you can store apps on your SD card.

  12. Jesse B Andersen
    April 27, 17:02 Reply

    I like a lot of the specs and the look of the Gemini. It's sad to see the RAM being so low. Maybe they bump it up later on. I'll have to test the machine to see if it's a drawback.

  13. a3u5z1i
    June 12, 09:30 Reply

    The screen is more larger than iPad :)
    It will be nice for entertainment..

  14. khay
    July 13, 19:58 Reply

    nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  15. James
    September 22, 09:16 Reply

    so when will we be able to buy it? how much will it cost?

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