Nexus One Car Dock On Its Way!

Nexus One Car Dock
Hope It Sticks!

We have heard several stories over the last couple of weeks about new things appearing on theGoogle phone store, but each time the page is quickly returned to normal.

Today one of our readers spotted the highly anticipated official car dock listed for $55, but he was unable to order it because the item was listed as temporarily unavailable. He did manage to grab the link to the Car Dock help page so it appears this item is coming soon.

The car dock uses bluetooth to communicate with the Nexus One and automatically establishes a connection when the phone is inserted. The Car Home application is then launched with allows the user easy access to Maps and Navigation, Contacts, and Voice Search. Built-in speakers provide music playback and calls using the speakerphone.

From Google:  The Nexus One Car Dock is the perfect place to put your phone when you’re in the car. In addition to holding your Nexus One, the car dock also charges your phone’s battery, lets you use your phone handsfree, and provides easier access to voice and navigation apps.

The dock’s built-in speakers and volume controls also enhance the in-car music and media experience. And the Car Home app, which loads automatically, makes it easy to access Maps and Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Music.

You can mount the dock on the windshield or dashboard, and it ships with an adhesive disc that lets you attach it to a textured surface as well. The dock comes with a charger to fit into your car’s 12V utility socket, and the holder can rotate for flexible orientation.


Thanks to Nexus One Help and AndroidAndMe for the info!

  • vizzle07

    Actually, it's not on it's way. It's here. 🙂

  • I am pumped about this… but i also REALLY want the other desktop charger that has a spare battery charger built in because about twice a week I have to whip out my spare battery because my main battery is dead..

  • Jonathan

    That's AWESOME that it'll connect to your battery so it can charge the phone!!!! Motorola DROID…please take note of this! :-/

  • Its available now.

  • Ordered!

  • A S

    I'd have preferred an FM transmitter more than built-in speakers on this.

  • Usual story, shipping costs outside the US make it unappealing to non-US users.

    For me, in the UK where Google have an office and Vodafone (the N1 European partner) have their HQ I'll need to pay around $30 in shipping costs, so that's an increase of over 50% on the list price.

    At least it's not as bad as a spare battery where the cost of shipping is nearly the same as the cost of the item itself (Battery $25, Shipping $24.77).

    Google really needs to start thinking outside the US if they want the N1 to become a serious player.

    • Andy

      Al, It's not just the shipping that hits you! It's then the import duty and the VAT added on top of the lot.

  • Andy

    Shame it stops you using a real bluetooth system instead. I'd buy it, even with the extortionate shipping charges to the UK, if it was a dock with power, autoswitching to car more and the OPTION to use as a bluetooth device — I've got a Parrot system that uses my car's speakers to give me extra volume when the roof is down and that's my preferred bluetooth!

    Then again, maybe that's why the Nexus can't share 'phone numbers with bluetooth devices properly — to make us buy their dock. [The Nexus is unable to send out any phone numbers that aren't in USA format — and it switched other country's formats to USA which breaks bluetooth dialling].

  • Android Guru

    I have a blutooth reciever in my car I use for music & phone calls, Can I not use it in conjuction with this dock evern if I set it not to use the dock speakers for phone calls & music?

    • Andy

      The manual says not….

      "When the phone is in the dock, you can use the dock as a hands-free speakerphone. (You can't use a Bluetooth headset with the phone when it's docked.)"

    • Rick

      If it works like the desktop dock you can, as long as you don't want to utilize the dock speakers for anything. In the dock settings choose not to use for anything. Basically it will become an expensive charging unit, that you can use just like you would use an undocked phone. Also, even with the desktop dock you can force it to pair with another bluetooth device (and drop the dock connection) at any point by going into the bluetooth settings. Would assume this works the same.

  • Alan

    I've ordered my unit, but wonder if it's possible to switch between two cars. Especially if I need to use the sticky pad in both, seems like it would be good for Google to offer the pads separately, presumably at a whole lot less than $44 per.

    • Alan

      I mean $55

  • uhale

    Great, but why buy the dock if I can't get the phone? COME ON VERIZON! WE ARE WAITING!!!

    • Fuzzy

      I am with you on that brother! COME ON VERIZON!!!

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p