March 31, 2015

Sprint Releases Their Own Branded Football App

As some of you may already know, Sprint recently lost their title as the NFL’s official wireless service sponsor to Verizon. With the NFL draft just a few days away, many were wondering what the carrier would do to as a reaction. Sprint began rolling out text messages this week to some of their Android users advising them of a new Sprint Football Live application. Whereas previous iterations of their NFL Live apps were wrappers and portals for the official (mobile) website, this version seems to offer more unique mobile content with Sprint branding. As you can see in the pictures the app provides draft information, a mock draft, and access to exclusive blogs from around the internet.

Please note that this only available to customers on Sprint’s network. As for now this means Hero and Moment owners are the only folks able to take advantage of the app. If you happen to be among the lucky few, point your Android browser to or run the preloaded older NFL Live app for an update prompt.

Source: AndroidCentral

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  1. sean

    Tried upgrading my samsung moment but it says it won't work on my phone and refuses to install. Now stuck in a loop. Nice one sprint.

    • d-roid

      Also, if you are rooted or running a non-commercial Sprint android version it probably wont' work either.

  2. Android Guru

    @ Woody – Last time i checked the Instinct was not an Android phone

  3. Person45

    This is exactly why sprint sucks. They focus on Nascar and NFL rather than something useful.


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