Watch as Droid Does All Kinds of Wonderful Things [VIDEO]

We just received an email from a member of the M80 team.  Apparently, they are behind some new viral ad campaigns for Motorola and the Droid.  Below, you will find 4 YoutTube clips, each showcasing a different “hidden feature” found in the handset. Did you know that Droid does streetlight changing and trick shots in billiards?  Neither did we!

It’s somewhat refreshing to see the phone getting some exposure and advertising that doesn’t feel like your masculinity is being called into question.  Just a friendly heads up, the fourth video might come off a little sexist depending on your sensitivity or sense of humor.

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  • cougar

    so… I'm trying to enter these codes and notta….how to cool,.. Especially the money counter

  • MatthewPatience

    The videos got less interesting/believable as they went along. Nice ad campaign though.

  • Android Soft

    Wow that's funny, good ideas. Money counter counter could be dangerous.

  • webby

    Stoopid dewd didn't even ax out the hot 36C chick. What a maroon.

  • Carlos

    This is all built into 2.1. I have it on my Hero. My favorite is the underwear analyzer 😉

  • Jonathan

    I wish someone would pay me to get high and shoot a few videos.

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