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There’s no way around it.  As much as we try to keep our cell phones with us, somehow we still manage to leave them places.  We leave our handsets on the counter at home, in the taxi, on the airplane, and in (yikes) bathrooms. 

Check out  a couple of interesting and scary figures about lost phones:

  • Over 85,000 cell phones were lost in Chicago taxis in 2005
  • Disneyland collects over 300 phones a week
  • 8,701 mobile devices were left in Washington/Baltimore taxis over a 6 month period in 2006

Unfortunately, things will only worsen as the number of smart phones grows.  Thankfully companies like iTag are around to help us find out phones and recover them.

Founded in 2007, California-based iTag helps users locate, protect, and recover your lost handsets.  Their free Android application recently landed in the market and it’s making waves.  It was recently selected as a finalist in the CTIA Emerging Technology Awards in Mobile Applications.

If you find yourself with a missing cell phone, you can view its location on a map using iTag’s secure website.  Using some of the tools at your disposal, you can make your phone ring even if it was set to silent.  This is handy for those times when you can’t figure out which room you left your Nexus One in.  One of the best features is that it sends you an alert should someone find your phone and swap the SIM card out.  Included in that message is the phone number associated with the new SIM.

Other options and features in iTag:

  • If someone replaces the SIM card, the new number (or number of the thief) is sent to the web site.
  • If the battery is about to die, the location is sent to the web site.
  • If you can’t recover your phone, iTag backs up the information and allows you to erase all the personal and sensitive information on your phone.
  • You can click a button on the website to make your phone ring even if the phone is set to vibrate or silent. This is useful if you cannot locate your phone in your house or car.

Scan or click the barcode with your Android handset to download iTag for free out of the Android Market!

Scan/click to download iTag!
  • I use mobile defense. It works almost the same. Plus has additional features

  • reddragon72

    so has anyone tried this? are they good with privacy? does there app suck up juice? and most important, does it crash your phone?

  • I also use mobile defense… I've never had a problem

  • BrianG

    US only!

  • webby

    You have to use the iTag home screen. No thanks.

  • Kate

    I have iTag (THANK GOD!) And I am so glad that there is FINALLY an app that helps me find my phone without charging me a ridiculous fee! I am sold out!

  • LuvMyDroid

    This app, iTag is not really free and you may want to let your readers know some info about it. I installed it and after setting up an account and giving them all my info they request info on 3 of your friend to have the 20 dollar a year fee waived.
    So, I think calling it free is very misleading.

    I assume you were not aware of this as they seem kind of sneaky about it. I know I don’t really want people to give out my info in cases like this so I’d start getting spammed.

    I plan on tweeting about it and posting to all the android forums and I’ve told them this via email right before commenting here.

  • Steve H

    Only Utah that comes up on my market is an MP3 tag editor. Wtf ?

  • Using Wavesecure for some time now. Can block the phone with a few mouseclicks from my computer. Not so sure if I need to replace it with this one. Wavesecure works all over the world.

  • Roshan Shrestha

    Can these software be defeated by killing the process by using one of the free task killer app?