Motorola Pushing Out Software Update for Cliq

Motorola Cliq owners should be on the lookout for a software update notification on their handset.  After a handful of stutter steps and false starts, the T-Mobile smartphone is finally rolling out the update designed to improved GPS, battery, and Bluetooth among other items.  Below is a list of the 16 changes or improvements found in the v1.4.8 update. Check out the official Motorola support page for the full details and descriptions.

  • Relocated “End Call”
  • Improved Text Messaging
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity
  • Improved Audio Quality for Calls
  • Improved MOTOBLUR Set-Up Screen
  • Better Audio Routing
  • Improved Caller Notification
  • Faster GPS
  • Support For Additional Windows Media Formats Compatible
  • Bluetooth Improvements
  • SIM Card Management
  • Additional
  • The Latest Versions of Google
  • Updated Quickoffice
  • LoyalAndroidUser

    O MY GOSH but still no Android 2.x support? what is up with these guys. I'm sooo giving up this phone for a real Android Phone

  • James

    What version of Android OS is this? It can't be less than Android 1.5 can it? WTFl is 1.4.8?

    What a perfect example of what is wrong with the Android OS distributions.

  • Florian

    1.4.8 is Motorola internal version, it's an Android 1.5.
    Android 2.1 is coming, we just need to be patient to get a stable ROM 🙂

  • To upgrade to Android 2.1, they need a stable firmware / software environment to get the most out of the device.
    So as someone said, let's be patient.
    And personally, there's no need for fancy upgrades. What matters is a set of core applications and an intelligent interface for the intended purpose. After all, the Motoblur stuff is all about social media, that 's the reason why we have chose the Cliq / Dext.
    Arnaud Ziéba

  • nice info. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  • Mb

    thanks for sharing, I was looking for so long