Did the myTouch Slide Just Pass Through the FCC?

The myTouch Slide for T-Mobile is said to go on sale next month (May 17th) and recent leaks appear to confirm a nearly finished device. The specs started coming together early in the year, around the time the first rumored pics arrive.  A recently filed FCC document lists (and shows) an HTC device with T-Mobile‘ AWS support leading many to believe a production model cannot be far off.  To put the rumor to bed, we superimposed the original pics from January with the FCC picture.  As you can tell, the match up is perfect!

  • mardenator

    heard that this might replace the Sidekick line altogether.. this device better be a show-stopper if it's gonna replace Sidekicks.. a majority of the deaf community use sidekicks and they will be very disappointed when they find out that their devices aren't in production anymore.. they'll have to go with the MTS (MyTouch Slide) or another QWERTY phone with email capabilities (G1, Cliq, BlackBerry, TouchPro2).. this better be good