Vonage Arrives for T-Mobile and AT&T Handsets

Vonage has announced the release of their new Android application for T-Mobile and AT&T customers. Starting immediately, users can download the free app and enjoy free domestic WiFi calling as well as outbound international calling at discounted rates.

“We are focused on ensuring that our customers can enjoy all the benefits of their Vonage service from any location using any device that can access the Internet,” said Michael Tempora, senior vice president of product management. “We will continue to expand our offerings in 2010 to include a robust set of voice and messaging services that utilize Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks.”

Features of Vonage Mobile include:

  • UNLIMITED calling to more than 60 countries for only $24.99/month†
  • Dial directly from your existing address book contacts without calling cards or PIN codes
  • Works with your existing mobile phone and current rate plan‡
  • Plus, make unlimited local and long distance calls over WiFi* when you’re abroad using mobile VOIP, without wasting cell minutes

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  1. reddragon72
    April 09, 19:56 Reply

    So I'm going to pay and extra 25 bucks a month to find a wifi spot to make calls???? I have 1500 anytime min now between three lines and have never gone over 900… and those are call anywhere in the US minutes. Just seems like an unnecessary thing unless you feel that you need a home phone, and I know only one person like that and they never use it or answer it…..

    • Tim
      April 09, 20:40 Reply

      Because you don't see a use for it, its useless?

    • BigHeat
      April 09, 21:10 Reply

      So maybe the app isn't for you. I work from home and have accounts with both Vonage and Skype. There have been days with over six hours of calls. Being able to use my handset to make calls will be very convenient and keep me under my mobile minutes.

      There is a world outside your bubble. 😉 This is a good thing, even if you don't think you need it. Working over 3G will make it even better.

      • BigHeat
        April 09, 21:57 Reply

        I take it back. If I cannot use the Vonage account I already pay for, then it greatly reduces the value of the product – at least for me.

        For an extra $25 (since it cannot be tied to an existing account), a user could probably get unlimited minutes in the U.S.

        Looking outside my own bubble: International callers might still save some money.

  2. Mark S
    April 09, 20:49 Reply

    This would be useful for people with data only plans.

  3. Karl
    April 09, 21:45 Reply

    "We are focused on ensuring that our customers can enjoy all the benefits of their Vonage service from any location using any device that can access the Internet,"

    Well, this certainly explains why I can't login to the App with my Vonage home account, and I need to sign up for a seperate Vonage Mobile account. They want another $25/mo outta me? I'm barely using that line as it is, this app is lame enough to make me want to cancel with them.

  4. Jim R
    April 10, 14:22 Reply

    Why would I want this rather than using a VOIP provider like voip.ms, for example, and sipdroid? I can make wifi *and* 3G calls on my Hero and the rates are very good. FWIW, I’m on Fido in Canada.

  5. Humanist
    April 12, 16:04 Reply

    I have a T-mobile prepaid cell plan (no data plan) in the U.S., and this would be perfect for me to make outbound calls on wifi without using my minutes, and the occasional international call at low cost.

    • Nithin Mohan
      April 19, 20:33 Reply

      From this discussion, I wanna know if I need to get a new data plan to use the new vonage mobile app on my black berry curve 8310.. I dont have a data plan now!

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