New Motoblur Handset or Really Good Photoshop Job?

Image Credit: is reporting that the handset pictured to the left may be a new Motoblur prototype from Motorola in the wild.  The details and chain of events that led to the picture are are sketchy but not impossible.

“My source says his buddy’s dad works for Motorola and let his son take the phone to school, who, in turn, lent the phone to my source to be used as a calculator on a math test.”

The author of the article goes on to point out the obvious fact that if this indeed a new, secret handset, the odds are extremely low that a Motorola employee just hands over the phone to his kid to use for the day. On the other hand, this would be one fantastic Photoshop job with the scuffs and lighting effects.  More trouble than it might be worth.

So let the comments roll in.  What do you think?  Do you think that this funky looking square slider is indeed a new Motoblur handset we have not yet heard of?  More importantly, does it appeal to you?

  • Tr Clev

    It is photoshoped. I do photoshopping and other than perspective not being right, also corners of phone screens do not come to point like in this photo, they are rounded on corners

  • Sean

    Don't even need to investigate the photo to know this is fake…just read the news…Motorola announced that they were abandoning motoblur in favor of the htc sense ui.

  • Gareth

    I'd say this is definitely photoshopped…

  • James

    Motorola abandoning motoblur for htc sense? Lol at you..

    • Sean

      Apparently you don't read this blog often…that was their April Fools day blog…

  • I am willing to bet you this is a fake Moto made in China


    Too bad its a real phone assfags

  • thanks for sharing..

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