HTC Incredible to be Announced Monday!

Image Credited to Phandroid

In a post today, is reporting that through an internal email leak at Verizon, the date of the announcement of the HTC Incredible is Monday April 12th.  The picture to left gives a bit of that email, and you can check out the entire posting from Phandroid by clicking here.

The quote from the article at Phandroid:

Guess who’s bizzack? Anonimac! After leaking the Incredible User Guide and the Incredible Equipment Guide he made it trifecta by hooking up our readers and members with an internal email showing the Incredible will probably be officially announced on Monday!

If indeed this breaks on Monday, it will be seen as great timing for Verizon, who could always use a boost in sales.  This is also great news for the Android platform as we continue to see more advanced handsets being developed for the platform.

The Incredible is projected to have a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 8gb of internally memory and Android 2.1.  It is being reported that the Incredible is going to be a better handset than the Nexus One for Verizon users.

Here’s to looking forward to Monday for a change.  Nice work!

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  1. sharp
    April 11, 22:47 Reply

    it could also be the unveiling of Microsofts pink phones, turtle and pure.

  2. jerack
    April 12, 01:51 Reply

    Good point. Although the Incredible sounds like a sure thing.

  3. paul
    April 12, 03:11 Reply

    good lord, i hope it is… getting sick of waiting for this phone!

  4. DeVon
    April 12, 04:55 Reply

    Microsoft's campaign is "more social" for their project pink phones. If this Verizon document is real, the line "Be more social" would lead me to believe the Verizon announcement is for the project pink phones not the Incredible phone.

  5. I Am TheSchmett!
    April 12, 10:19 Reply

    The email really refers to changes in the Verizon Corporate HQ Cafeteria. Fondue day is a unique and social lunch event exclusively at VZ offices around the nation.

  6. webby
    April 12, 13:22 Reply

    Looking forward to the announcement!

  7. ArT
    April 12, 19:19 Reply

    And microsoft wins by a nose. No Incredible announcement today…at least nothing yet.

  8. Lank
    April 13, 04:02 Reply

    12:01 on 4/13/2010. No announcement. Rumor mill fail.

  9. khay
    July 13, 19:37 Reply

    nice info. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

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