What is the ‘Genius Button’?

What's the Genius Button?

The recent images of the myTouch Slide have given us the best look at the phone to date.  There’s one thing we’ve not seen discussed elsewhere so we’re calling on you to help.  If you look to the bottom right of the physical buttons, you’ll see a lime green button with a lowercase “G’ printed on it.  In one image, we can see what appears to be an application called ‘Genius Button’.

This obviously has to be something T-Mobile as opposed to HTC or Google.  A quick check of US Trademarks tells us that T-Mobile filed for the trademark just over a month ago on March 2nd.  We’re curious as to what it actually does.  Is it a quick access button to your favorite social networking services?  Does it pull up an all-in-one portal with news, weather, RSS, and more?  More importantly, is this something we’ll see on other handsets?

If you have anything to offer in regards to the Genius Button, hit up our contact page!


  1. It's like a combonation of Spotlight on the iPhone and Google Goggles. You launch it start typing while it searches the phone and Internet. Then there's a button to launch the camera so you can use it to take pictures of stuff and search for them.

  2. Maybe something to do with Google voice, and Google rolling out number portability. So one touch calling with your Google voice number. This is just a thought.

  3. I played with it a little today. It's a sort of one stop voice search from what I could tell. The phone did not have a Sim in it.
    The phone is real nice though.

  4. Everybody knows that the lower-case g is trademarked by Garth Brooks, so my guess is that when you press the button, Garth Brooks will appear on the screen kind of like the paper clip does in MS Office.

  5. the button is a voice thingy like if you click it then say "Text "EXAMPLE HERE" i hate you"" then it does that.

  6. I have the HTC my touch slide and found you by searching for other phones with the genius button. I love it. It has a few functions: call,send searc find get directions hands free mode,check messages. If you say call Ronnie mobile phone it will go in your phone book find ronnie, confirm that is who you said and then dial the number, if you say text Ronnie I am going to the store and will be over at 8 it will find ronnie in your phone book formulate a text message to him and after confirming that is what you said will send the message. If you say find a pizza store it will search the area for a pizza store, bring up a map showing you where you are and what pizza stores are in the area and how far they are from you, you can then tap the one you want and the phone will give you directions to it. Hands free mode will annonce a call from and ask you if you want to take the call. you say no it ignores the call, you say yes it answers. You get a text message it says text from xxxxx do you want to hear it if you say yes it reads it to you then asks do you want to respond if you say yes it lets you dictate a response. Its really cool. I am trying to leave t-mobile and now I am disappointed no one else carries a phone like this. dammit I might have to go to i-phone. damn damn damn