September 18, 2014

What is the 'Genius Button'?

What's the Genius Button?

The recent images of the myTouch Slide have given us the best look at the phone to date.  There’s one thing we’ve not seen discussed elsewhere so we’re calling on you to help.  If you look to the bottom right of the physical buttons, you’ll see a lime green button with a lowercase “G’ printed on it.  In one image, we can see what appears to be an application called ‘Genius Button’.

This obviously has to be something T-Mobile as opposed to HTC or Google.  A quick check of US Trademarks tells us that T-Mobile filed for the trademark just over a month ago on March 2nd.  We’re curious as to what it actually does.  Is it a quick access button to your favorite social networking services?  Does it pull up an all-in-one portal with news, weather, RSS, and more?  More importantly, is this something we’ll see on other handsets?

If you have anything to offer in regards to the Genius Button, hit up our contact page!

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