October 24, 2014

Keeping Your Andy Clean (And Disease Free)

The other morning I was eating breakfast and catching up on my email and Reader and realized that even though I had washed my hands before sitting down to eat, I had never washed my phone.  And I had just been happily clicking away on my never cleaned phone at the kitchen table next to my cereal bowl.  Yuck.

My next action was to find out how I could clean my android and ensure that it is germ free. Sure enough there is way to get your Andy clean without giving it a bath. And yes, I did search for this answer on my phone.

Note: all of these solutions are for non-screen areas on the phone.  I change screen protectors regularly to keep the screen area clean and minimize germs.  Also, turning off your phone and pulling the battery are good precautions… just in case.  But remember to replace the battery cover before cleaning.

One option is to do the old rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or q-tip trick.  This is a fairly typical method for cleaning electronics and because rubbing alcohol evaporates so quickly, it’s pretty safe.  Just keep the amount of liquid you use to a minimum and be careful of areas around keys that might allow liquid.

Other possible methods include spraying a cloth with Lysol spray and then wiping down the phone.  Or for those of you that make your own cleaners, equal mixtures of vinegar and water can be used in conjunction with a cloth as well.

For the Android user on the go, there are a couple of other possible solutions.  One is to use an anti-bacterial hand wipe to quickly wipe the phone down.  The other, similar solution is to add a small amount of hand sanitizer to a cloth and wiping the phone down that way.  As with the rubbing alcohol method, you’ll want to be careful of using too much liquid and attentive when cleaning areas where liquid might get down into the sensitive recesses of your phone.

I successfully tested the hand wipe option and would only recommend keeping a dry cloth on hand to dry the phone as you wipe since some of the hand wipes can be pretty saturated fresh from the pack. Wringing out the excess liquid is definitely not a bad idea. All in all, this method is a great way to keep your phone germ free on the go.   If anyone has any suggestions on how too keep your device clean and germ free let’s hear it in the comments!

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