Rumour: HTC Might Buy Palm to Fight Apple?

Gizmodo (via Bloomberg) is reporting that HTC might be interested in buying Palm, who, as you might know, is in financial difficulty after the poor sales of their latest handsets (Pre and Pixi). The assumption is that HTC would want to grab Palm not for the brand, the handsets, or WebOS but the portfolio of patents.  These would be very useful in a counterattack against Apple.

It is said that Lenovo is also looking at Palm (market value worth $870.8 million) but the article on Bloomberg points out that the Chinese ZTE and Huawei Technologies would also be interested bidder to expand, with the Palm brand, their international markets, both have few Android devices in their portfolio.

More on this as we can piece it together.  Maybe in the near future we will see Android on Palm devices! Would you like this? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

  • Daniel Velazco

    has anybody considered the possibilities that HTC might be buying palm to get away from android, and/or develop their own OS based off webOS ?

    I mean, I love Android, but let's be real, these are all rumors. IMO Android is better, but HTC might think they could make an even better OS.

  • Doug

    This would be great if HTC moved everything to WebOS. If not, forget it. We cannot afford to loose the best smat phone OS on the market. Android is cluncky and just not there yet. The iPhone OS will never be there because Jobs is an egomaniac. If HTC hardware blended with WebOS came to be, you would have an amazing handset. Think of the Evo 4 with WebOS…

  • R1-HTC

    This is a great move if HTC grabs Palm and use their OS on their Pro- HTC phone with windows… The Palm OS is great but the phone suck — slap windows 6.5 with their OS and you have a killer product

  • I think it far more likely that Web OS would end up on HTC devices. The Palm hardware just isn't that great. While Android is always first in my heart, I don't want WebOS to die. It has enticed both Apple and Google to make changes to their platforms that they may not have otherwise and competition is always good for the consumer.

    Is it possible HTC will dump Android altogether? I don't think that would be a smart move on their part since Android is growing by leaps and bounds in the market, but considering the suit from Apple having WebOS in their back pocket is certainly a good back up plan for them.

  • Okay, I hate to inject common sense into this, but some of the previous comments are delusional. There is a reason WebOS is about 3 to 6 months from taking it's place alongside so many other failed technological experiments (like BetaMax, the Apple ///, the Apple Lisa, the Apple Newton, etc.), ENOUGH PEOPLE DIDN'T BUY IT ! HTC has hitched it's star to Android, and because of that, has been lifted from virtual obscurity into a very respectable position. To think that HTC is going to abandon a pretty sure thing, in order to pursue their future with an already failed OS is ridiculous.

    • Completely agreed. Look at OS market share. Why would Any company try to promote Web OS when Android is the NEW HOTNESS? Why try to revive some thing that would take much more money and effort than just hopping onto an a technology that is rapidly growing… oh, and is OPEN SOURCE?

      Forever Android, Android forever!

    • I love android, and i wish this didnt happen. But all of this is just rumors and nothing is for sure, and HTC might be dumb, and do this.. people just need to consider all this

    • I 100% agree with you.

  • mardenator

    hellz yes i would like this! imagine a Sense-powered Pixi!!

  • Josh

    It's not a failed OS. Palm machines didn't sell for a number of reasons, but WebOs wasn't one of them.

  • nice info. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  • Nexova

    I say HTC really should buy Palm!