September 30, 2014

Rumour: HTC Might Buy Palm to Fight Apple?

Gizmodo (via Bloomberg) is reporting that HTC might be interested in buying Palm, who, as you might know, is in financial difficulty after the poor sales of their latest handsets (Pre and Pixi). The assumption is that HTC would want to grab Palm not for the brand, the handsets, or WebOS but the portfolio of patents.  These would be very useful in a counterattack against Apple.

It is said that Lenovo is also looking at Palm (market value worth $870.8 million) but the article on Bloomberg points out that the Chinese ZTE and Huawei Technologies would also be interested bidder to expand, with the Palm brand, their international markets, both have few Android devices in their portfolio.

More on this as we can piece it together.  Maybe in the near future we will see Android on Palm devices! Would you like this? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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