October 22, 2014

T-Mobile myTouch Slide Features Android 2.1 [UPDATE]

The fine folks over at TmoNews have gotten their hands on another picture of the forthcoming myTouch Slide.  This time around, we’re treated to a screen of the firmware.  As it appears, this will be the first Android 2.1 handset to arrive at T-Mobile.  Yes, there is that one device called a Nexus One but this will be the first you can pick up at a T-Mobile store.  Rumors have this phone pegged for next month with a May 17th release.

As promised, there are a handful of other pictures showing the myTouch Slide.  As you can see from these images, the myTouch Slide will have Sense UI with the Espresso ROM.  Head to TmoNews for the rest of the gallery!  Now we’re wondering just what the heck the “Genius Button” is on the phone.  Anyone out there care to shed light on this?