T-Mobile myTouch Slide Shows up in the Wild Wearing a Pretty Red Dress


We were hoping that the myTouch Slide would have picked up a bit of sexiness since we last checked in.  It seems T-Mobile and HTC might be trying to do exactly that, putting a shiny gloss of red paint on the handset.  A recently leaked photo from TmoNews has the phone looking every bit ready for a release next month.  Sure, the red looks nice and the handset appears to be  solidly built.  Now, if we could just address that confusing looking keyboard before it hits shelves…

Until we hear otherwise, we’re going to roll with the following specs:

  • Sliding 4-Row QWERTY
  • 320×48o screen resolution
  • 1300mAh Battery
  • MicroSD slot
  • Optical trackpad/ Push Button
  • Camera w/ LED flash
  • 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
  • 320×48o screen resolution


  1. Just thought I would help you edit your post. You posted the screen resolution twice and when you put 320×480 you typed it with an ‘o’.

  2. TMo must have had a heavy hand in designing the hardware. That doesn't look like an HTC phone. IT doesn't use the new optical ball thinggie and the button icons are different from what HTC usually uses.