Uh-Oh! Samsung Galaxy Hits FCC with AT&T Bands

Yep, you read that right.  That big, beautiful Samsung Galaxy S has been spotted hanging out in the FCC with AT&T bands in tow. You’ll have to forgive us if we’re not 100% over the moon with this news.  If AT&T keeps in line with their recent Android strategy, the Galaxy S could be hampered by lock-downs and restrictions.  As much as we’d like to be spreading nothing but positivity, we have to sprinkle some trepidation in the mix.  Here’s hoping Ma Bell doesn’t do anything stupid with the phone, like restrict apps outside of the Android Market or remove Google in favor of Yahoo.

  • Justin S

    This sucks! AT&T will ruin this phone.

  • Well shit. My wife really wants this phone, but there's no way we'll get it on ATT.

  • Keith

    I was tempted to get this phone but was leary of Samsung's support history…couple that with AT&T's neutering of the OS there is almost no way I will get it now.

  • floppy

    I'm so happy this phone come's at AT&T I will finally be able to get rid of my iphone and if AT&T mess with the Samsung, a little root and "voila"

  • nice info. thanks for sharing. i like it :p