UPS Delivers Android App into Market

Sorry for the bad pun in the title.  We tried to avoid it as best as possible.  UPS has announced the release of their new Android application today which tracks packages and helps find the nearest location.  Further, users can calculate shipping rates, time-in-transit, and create shipping labels. If you’re a frequent eBay or Craigslist type of person, you’d probably find quite a bit of help in a tool like this.

Scan/click to download UPS Mobile

It’s not necessary to log in to track packages, however once you do, there are additional options available. For instance, you can rename the tracking number to something like “John Elway rookie card“. You can find the free application in the Android Market today or by scanning/clicking the barcode to the right!

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  • DisKO

    Any idea what version of android this app is made for? 1.6? 2.1? The link doesn't work on my Cliq, nor does serching for UPS MOBILE. :-( Being an ebay addict, I'd love to have this app…

  • LeBacon
    Want the UPS Mobile App for Android?

    Step 1 – On your phone, open Android Market.
    Step 2 – Search for "UPS Mobile" in Android Market.
    Step 3 – Download the App.

    Note: The UPS Mobile App supports mobile devices using Android 1.6 and higher. If UPS Mobile App does not appear in your Android Market, then you do not have Android 1.6 or higher.

    • DisKO

      Thanks for the info. Maybe someday I'll get 2.1. Sigh…

  • Jim R

    For those times when using UPS just can’t be avoided.

  • Brad.

    Is the QR code or the go to Market and search for "UPS Mobile" working for anyone?

    Neither is working for me at the moment…

  • khay

    nice info. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  • Alfred

    In case anyone else also had problems, UPS has made this app only available in the US.
    With my rooted Nexus One I had to use MarketEnabler and fake an american provider for it to work.

    • psinno

      Some times I wonder if companies put extra effort into making their products lame. How much harder would it have been to make a product that worked outside of the US?

  • Mpaulk8017

    this app will deliver this message everytime

    !Sorry! The Application Launcher (process has stopped unexpectedly.