We’re very proud today to be able to introduce our new endeavor, AndroidGals.  We’ve put together a fantastic new site that we think will play well for both newbies and enthusiasts and alike.

So what is AndroidGals?

Simply put, it’s a site written, and maintained, by female Android fans.  Designed to be as little more intimate than the other sites you may visit, AndroidGals is more blog, less news.  We’re not trying to do another AndroidGuys.  Rather, we’re aiming to provide users a great source for reviews, editorials, and opinion.

Starting out, the plan is to publish around four to five posts a week.  As time goes and we really get into a groove, multiple daily posts will be the goal.  We feel really good about the Gals on board with the site and think you’ll enjoy getting to know them through their writing.

As is the practice with AndroidGuys, we want to hear from you!  Feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts.  By the way, if you’re interested in joining the AndroidGals team, email us at androidgals @ and we’ll be in touch!

AndroidGals: Android, from her point of view.

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  • Can a guy join AndroidGals? LOL J/K

    • Glad it's not just me that almost emailed them… then I remembered the name of the site 😛

  • Rich

    There's a typo in your hyperlink to You added an extra "r" before the "d" in android. The link returns a DNS error. GG error checking.

  • NotAGirl

    Pathetic. Not only can you not promote the site in your promotion post (by getting the URL wrong – did you guys not test the link by clicking it?) but the content on the new site is sexist and patronising. I mean, a post about CLEANING, for christ's sake?!?

  • Bad link… and eh I guess I'm not the target, but is it really needed? I didn't really think of AndroidGuys as a 'male' perspective on Android… what's next, 'AndroidGays'?

    • i'll write for that one! but grindr will probably have to come out with an app for android before there's much to write about.

  • bazza

    I really don't see why you have to create a segregation as this when you could just alter original name and have the gals contribute fully here.Anyways its your site and do as you please. I just hope we have the occasional aggregated post that days guys about what the gals have said during the week.Good luck.

  • tintin

    your url is broken. you put more ‘r’ on your HREF.

  • Congrats on the new site!

  • kathi17

    Wow, what's with all of the hate from the guys??? We need to show gals that Android isn't just for guys, it's a great OS for us too!

    • celticchrys

      Honestly, exactly zero guys I know IRL use Android. This gal runs it hacked on an HTC Touch/Vogue at the moment, but the rest of the techs I know are locked into WinMo/Blackberry contracts or are Apple fans. Who said it was a guy OS, with such a cute mascot?

  • @sisterchick

    Excellent! Thank you.

  • Nick

    I'm glad to see this site. No worries on the broken link, but please fix it so you can get the hits you need. Android is a male dominated OS, that's just what the statistics tell us, so of course the content is going to be male slanted. In the past I wouldn't have cared, but now that I'm married and I want my wife to enjoy her Moment as much as I enjoy my Hero, I'm excited to see a site that might catch her interest.

  • Looking forward to reading the posts on AndroidGals – I love my Hero but can we please not have blog posts about cleaning – seriously I'm a girl but I'm not a clean freak!

  • Guest

    I can't lie — as much as I would like to contribute to an android site, this website is highly offensive. I think the site can be done without being so blatantly sexist. The android guys must have been too involved with the launch or the android girls must all be blogging while their children are at school and they are waiting around for the proper time to start dinner for the husband.

  • I can see why people think it's sexist, but it's true in what it is. It's a site for more casual Android users, and those tend to be female. While I'm sure plenty of females are just as in depth tech wise with their Android phones, most are not and want simpler articles to read.

    My mom just got a Backflip. I set her up with 3banana for notes for shopping and stuff. Well… she found a different one that was more oriented to shopping notes (you can set up different stores, scan item barcodes, etc)… I would have had NO clue to tell her about that app. I think this is what Androidgals will be good for. Bringing things that are more oriented to casual Android users and women Android users. Equality between men and women are good to a certain point but it's just a fact of nature and society that women are different and do different things. I can see my mom and some girl friends of mine reading things from AndroidGals, but definitely not AndroidGuys.

    • celticchrys

      It's just so disheartening(as a woman) that every time there's a geeky/techy site aimed at women, it seems to get watered down(and be pink). It's more annoying to _have_ a female-oriented site and still have to go to the "guy" site for real meat than it it to have no female-oriented site. Nonetheless, I shall watch the AndroidGals to see how they evolve.

      • guest

        I agree – the very notion that a site dedicated to women must necessarily be more "casual" and less geeky seems like the very embodiment of a stereotype that women in technical fields have been fighting against for decades. Decades! If the contents of the site are going to be oriented towards casual use, why not call it "AndroidCasual?"

  • ian

    you have a typo in the address i suppose if so many people tell you will eventually fix it as i bet some people who want to use this site cant as the link doesnt work they wont have time to piss about trying too fix it thanks

    this is the correct url

  • tito

    do we have to donate a dollar each everytime we visit the sight in order for the GALS to get free android phones?

  • eka

    thank you so much for sharing. nice post. like this :p