Slacker Radio Plus Giveaway!

We’re pleased to announce another giveaway of Slacker Radio Plus accounts!  If you’re not familiar with the streaming music service and Android application, it allows for personalized radio stations built around artists, songs, and genres.  The Radio Plus accounts give you all the great features of the free version plus a host of other options!

  • No Audio or Banner Ads
  • Unlimited Song Skips
  • Complete Lyrics
  • Unlimited Song Requests
  • Mobile Station Caching

One of the great new additions to Slacker Radio Plus is cached stations. These act like your normal stations except they can be stored on you handset to be played back where there is no data or WiFi connection!

What’s Up for Grabs?

Three 3-month subscriptions
Two 1-year subscriptions

How to Enter

We’re big fans of the nice and easy contest approach. Leave a comment below with your name to be entered into a random drawing for one of the five prizes!  We’ll draw the winning names on Thursday night and read the winners off on the new podcast!  We will also be replying directly to your comment so if you make up an email address, you’re probably going to be a sad droid.

About author

Scott Webster
Scott Webster 6602 posts

Scott has been running AndroidGuys since 2007 and loves nothing more than reading up on the latest smartphone rumors. His other mobile efforts can be found on Android Update (CNET) where he covers Google's mobile platform.

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  1. Erin
    April 13, 19:01 Reply

    Awesome. I love slacker radio.

  2. MscTch
    April 13, 19:01 Reply

    I was never aware until now of their cached stations in the Plus package.

  3. Josh
    April 13, 19:01 Reply

    Here's my comment, hopefully I'll win one of the prizes!

    • Josh
      April 14, 01:16 Reply

      You can contact me @JoshJReed if I'm fortunate enough to win :)

  4. Ben
    April 13, 15:01 Reply

    Would love to win. Thx.

  5. nathan
    April 13, 19:04 Reply

    I would really enjoy slacker radio

  6. Chris
    April 13, 19:04 Reply

    Love Slacker, and would really love a free Plus account!

  7. @ParrisP
    April 13, 19:04 Reply

    I'll take a 1yr subscription please. Thanks!

  8. Charles Duffy
    April 13, 19:05 Reply

    I've been planning on subscribing as soon as I get on a 3G plan.

  9. Jerry
    April 13, 19:05 Reply

    Looking forward to winning a 1 year subscription

  10. will
    April 13, 19:06 Reply

    hey! thats awful nice of you guys and slacker for this promo!

  11. Phssthpok
    April 13, 19:06 Reply

    Some great software to go on my future Incredible or Streak.

  12. @pennstatedan
    April 13, 19:06 Reply

    Thanks for the contest….here is my entry. BTW…best radio app on my DROID

  13. dethduck
    April 13, 19:07 Reply

    Wierd my first post disappeared. anyhoo, give me a reason to leave pandora

  14. snkmchnb
    April 13, 19:07 Reply

    Slacker Plus account for a slacker? Sounds like win.

  15. jimmy
    April 13, 19:07 Reply

    have the office switched from Pandora to what we really are, Slacker(s)

  16. Tim
    April 13, 19:10 Reply

    Slacker is the best, would love to Win

  17. Tom
    April 13, 19:12 Reply

    If you can prove to me that slacker is better than pandora, I'm all in!

  18. Ben
    April 13, 19:14 Reply

    Would be awesome to win!

  19. Phelpsy
    April 13, 19:15 Reply

    I love my Nexus One! I love Slacker!

  20. Ryan
    April 13, 19:20 Reply

    Would love one, thanks

  21. Jon
    April 13, 19:21 Reply

    My Rhapsody account just expired. Slacker rules.

  22. Jay
    April 13, 19:25 Reply

    Great Radio App !

  23. Chris
    April 13, 19:33 Reply

    I love Slacker. I love free things!

  24. raymoore
    April 13, 19:33 Reply

    A SlackerRadio account would be a nice thing to win. :)

  25. TeT-Chaje
    April 13, 19:35 Reply

    sounds interesting.. will have to check it out

  26. Sam
    April 13, 19:48 Reply

    love the slacker.. used it on my bb for while now on my android but now im gonn get plus version

  27. @tenkely
    April 13, 19:50 Reply

    Slacker would be a welcome addition to my Nexus One.

  28. Noah
    April 13, 15:52 Reply

    Would love to have this for my Droid and move over from Pandora.

  29. @scottyabrown
    April 13, 19:57 Reply

    You may want to leave contact info in your post so that if you DO win we'll have some way of contacting you!!

    –Scotty Brown

  30. Brandon
    April 13, 15:59 Reply

    Would love to give mobile caching a shot on a road trip I have coming up.
    Oh yeah and it’ll be rocking on a N1. :)

  31. mike
    April 13, 20:00 Reply

    Love slacker I have the app on my Droid and I am posting from my Droid!

  32. Steven
    April 13, 20:03 Reply

    Slacker for my N1 would be great…

  33. Rich
    April 13, 20:21 Reply

    Slacker is all I use when I'm studying! I'd love a plus account.

  34. Tim
    April 13, 20:21 Reply

    Would love me some ad free slacker.

  35. Mick
    April 13, 20:26 Reply

    I love slacker radio and cached stations

  36. Dan B
    April 13, 20:26 Reply

    does 73rd post help chances?

  37. Corey Harris
    April 13, 20:28 Reply

    I am going to try out slacker radio because of this post. I have only heard of it one other time. I hope I win. I love me some music.

  38. Thomas
    April 13, 20:37 Reply

    Use Slacker every day. It makes hours of commuting tolerable.

  39. Byron S.
    April 13, 20:49 Reply

    Totally want it. I love slacker, was using premium, but had to cancel as the wallet was too empty!

  40. Dipesh
    April 13, 20:51 Reply

    I always wanted to try this, guess I'll hold off to see what happens!!

  41. picdali
    April 13, 20:53 Reply

    Been a fan of Slacker for 30+ years

  42. Doug
    April 13, 20:56 Reply

    Would love to win, tried the demo and its cool

  43. Neale
    April 13, 21:04 Reply

    Never tried Slacker but it sounds great, thank you.

  44. farmboy88
    April 13, 21:04 Reply

    I would love to get this on my Verizon Nexus One… untill that happens (In Narnia?) I'll put it on my dad's droid :)

  45. Les Zaldor
    April 13, 21:05 Reply

    Awesome! Would love to win a Slacker Radio + subscription! Pick me! 😉

  46. Bryan D.
    April 13, 21:09 Reply

    Might switch to slacker from pandora all together if i win.

  47. sirgranitehead
    April 13, 21:13 Reply

    hmm, have been considering buying this for a while but I'm too cheap…

  48. theSuperStar
    April 13, 21:29 Reply

    I havent tried Slacker but I will if I win, thanks for the opportunity.

  49. DublD
    April 13, 21:30 Reply

    Oooh! Slacker radio. I even bought a Slacker G1 a long time ago.

  50. anakin78z
    April 13, 21:45 Reply

    Started using slacker instead of Pandora some time ago. At first the slacker app was truly sucky, but now it's better than Pandora. Just a few little issues they have to iron out.

  51. Kevin
    April 13, 21:53 Reply

    good luck youllllllllll need it

  52. Mike
    April 13, 22:05 Reply

    I like free stuff, but slacker is pretty awesome.

  53. Matt
    April 13, 22:13 Reply

    I've always wondered what it would be like to have a slacker account.

  54. thelenguy
    April 13, 22:13 Reply

    Love the Slacker!
    Love the Droid!
    Love the 2.1!
    Love teh FR33!

  55. Joe
    April 13, 22:28 Reply

    Slacker for the win.

  56. Bara K
    April 13, 22:35 Reply

    Just started using Slacker in my search for Pandora alternatives.

  57. Bailey
    April 13, 22:40 Reply

    I shall win because I'm a slacker.

  58. Ergy
    April 13, 23:16 Reply

    Ergy! me me me I have not one any of these things!

  59. Mateo
    April 13, 19:27 Reply

    How do you add a comment?

  60. Esau
    April 13, 23:36 Reply

    I like being a Slacker!!!

  61. @anthonyhopf
    April 13, 19:43 Reply

    Lovin' slacker… Thanks for the giveaway androidguys!!


  62. Chris J M.
    April 13, 23:55 Reply

    perhaps I may have a chance at winning a 1yr or 3mo subscription?…hope so!

  63. Casi
    April 14, 00:09 Reply

    I love Slacker Radio.. listen to it all day at work. Having Slacker Plus would be awesome.. and give me more sing-along time at work 😉 -Casi

  64. Colin
    April 14, 00:09 Reply

    Slacker Radio Rocks… I mean really rocks (hard, classic, heavy)!

  65. Josh
    April 14, 00:09 Reply

    Slacker Radio is so good I canceled my XM Radio subscription.

  66. Rich
    April 14, 00:10 Reply

    I listen to slacker all the time. Great stuff

  67. Mark
    April 14, 00:10 Reply

    Slacker radio is the best!

  68. Pete
    April 14, 00:11 Reply

    I have just begun to use Slacker and love it

  69. Madison
    April 14, 00:11 Reply

    Slacker is the only app I use for music on my BB! Pandora makes me wanna play in traffic!

  70. Claire Petty
    April 14, 00:12 Reply

    I would love a free plus account! I love my Droid & LOVE Slacker! Pick me :)

  71. Meeisha B.
    April 14, 00:13 Reply

    Slacker radio is awesome! It totally replaced my Ipod a few months ago!

  72. tinarie0823
    April 14, 00:14 Reply

    Love my android.. I have tried a few radio apps on it, and keep coming back to slacker. Would love to win!! Thanks!

  73. Jerry
    April 14, 00:14 Reply

    This would be a great edition to my next phone…HTC EVO 4G

  74. Jon
    April 14, 00:16 Reply

    Sign me up for the slacker!

  75. gregg
    April 14, 00:20 Reply

    love slacker radio!! way better than pandora…a free year would be awesome!

  76. John a
    April 14, 00:21 Reply

    I WANNA BE A PRO SLACKER!! haha already am, but a subscription wouldn't hurt

  77. Zack
    April 14, 00:21 Reply

    Recently switched to Slacker on my Moto Cliq. I am loving it!

  78. joef
    April 14, 00:28 Reply

    Slacker radio is a part of my day from the time I get to the office until I walk off of the golf course. Most used app on my Droid.

  79. Jack1977
    April 14, 00:33 Reply

    Slacker is wwaaaayyy better than Pandora!

  80. Rachel
    April 14, 00:34 Reply

    i love Slacker Radio! I listen to it everyday at work….what I love best about it is you can customize your own stations and you are not limited to how much time you listen to slacker or any station that you create. it's the best!

  81. cornbread_nm
    April 14, 00:39 Reply

    I love Slacker radio, its the best streaming radio service available!!!! Sign me up.

  82. Robert
    April 14, 00:39 Reply

    Count me in! I listen to Slacker every day. Would love a Plus account!

  83. Chris M
    April 14, 00:42 Reply

    I already pay for the service but free would be great!!!

  84. Will
    April 14, 00:46 Reply

    My subscription just ended. cool!

  85. Dennis
    April 14, 00:47 Reply

    Absolutely love slacker. Way better than Pandora. Listen to it daily at work.

  86. Darryl Subal
    April 14, 00:53 Reply

    I love Slacker. It 's like listening to the radio without annoying dj's and I get to listen to all types of music.

  87. Dave Clary
    April 14, 00:55 Reply

    I'm a Pandora guy but this could make me switch!

  88. Brian
    April 14, 00:56 Reply

    Slacker helps me make it through the day!

  89. Robert
    April 14, 00:58 Reply

    I'm fairly new to Android, and love your informative site, Slacker would be Great!

  90. Sergio
    April 14, 01:01 Reply


  91. mer
    April 14, 01:02 Reply

    Love slacker but haven't paid to upgrade. I only do free apps after $ spent on droid plus $30 per month to vz. I tell everyone with a droid to download & they it as much as I do. Please! I'd love the full ride

  92. Mitch Barnett
    April 13, 21:03 Reply

    Hey, I just love the slacker radio service and would love a plus subscription!
    I changed my truck radio with a bluetooth radio just so i could use it with my hero phone and slacker service! Such a good service for musics freaks like me!

  93. Jamie
    April 13, 21:14 Reply

    Love Slacker, would love to lose the ads!

  94. Roger
    April 14, 01:27 Reply

    I LOVE MY SLACKER!!!! I've been using this awesome service ever since it became available on my BB Curve. The cache feature allows me to go into the subway without worrying about losing my internet connection. I also requested they add ZO2 to their library, the Brooklyn band with the TV show on IFC and what do you know…BAM!…there it was. Slacker rocks! WOOOOHOOOO!!! (how's that for sucking up for swag???)

  95. Victoria Gimza
    April 14, 01:29 Reply

    Victoria Gimza here. I am a big fan of Slacker Radio and would love to try out a free upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus!

  96. dhawk2
    April 14, 01:32 Reply

    Slacker Radio is always on the best apps list I share with others.

  97. Will
    April 13, 21:42 Reply

    Will here………. I found the slacker app for my android about 2 months ago and Slacker Rocks!!!!

  98. Adam L.
    April 14, 01:45 Reply

    I use Slacker every day on the way to work playing it through my Ford Focus's Sync system. Best music station ever.

  99. cyruscode
    April 14, 01:50 Reply

    nice contest guys! keep up posting it's always nice to read you!

  100. John Herring
    April 13, 21:55 Reply

    I’m in, I use Slacker at least 2 hours every day on the commute!

  101. Ethan Allen
    April 13, 22:08 Reply

    I LOVE SLACKER RADIO!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!! SOUTH BAY CALI BABY!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. frankie
    April 14, 02:34 Reply

    Just look at my email address.if I'm not a slacker who is

  103. Andy
    April 14, 02:41 Reply

    haha, sweet! i <3 Slacker.

  104. @jesusfre21
    April 14, 02:42 Reply

    i was going to get Slacker Radio Plus but my dad will not let me use his credit card :(

  105. ksat
    April 14, 02:47 Reply

    Count me in… Slacker is a daily listen for me! Would love this!

  106. Chris
    April 14, 02:52 Reply

    What is this slaker you all are talking about

  107. Jen
    April 14, 02:58 Reply

    Love slacker, love droid!

  108. Ray Lucas
    April 14, 03:06 Reply

    Slacker fan for year. Now it is how I find new and great music. Good stuff…

  109. Jonathan
    April 14, 03:29 Reply

    My name is Jonathan! I hope I make it, really like to win something on here for once lol

  110. JLY
    April 14, 03:47 Reply

    wow,does it work in malaysia?

  111. cdburdick
    April 14, 04:12 Reply

    I love my Slacker on my G2, my PC, my laptop, my Droid, my BlackBerry …

  112. Frank
    April 14, 05:02 Reply

    Me! Me! Please!!! :) And thanks a lot for the blog btw. Great reads!

  113. Chris
    April 14, 05:02 Reply

    Sweet! Slacker pwns. Would love to see what the Pro is actually like, and what the benefits are. Thanks for keeping it coming.

  114. Jessica Buch
    April 14, 05:21 Reply

    I LOVE Slacker Radio!!! A free subscription would be great!!!

  115. jason
    April 14, 06:30 Reply

    Slacker is the best. listened to it all the time during work.

  116. StephenO
    April 14, 08:41 Reply

    I could definitely put this to good use.

  117. ChrisMccord
    April 14, 08:42 Reply

    I can't believe just how much I actually use the app. I can't go a day without using it!! It's awesome!

  118. acekard
    April 14, 08:52 Reply

    Slacker always rocks.It continues to eliminate the obstacles between listeners and their favorite music…

  119. @knight4linux
    April 14, 09:51 Reply

    Can't wait for the podcast!

    Enter me (knight4linux) in the drawing, thanks Androidguys and Slacker Radio.

  120. Yusef
    April 14, 10:51 Reply

    I Yusef would enjoy this. Its pronounced you-siv btw. A year subscription is gonna be awesome.

  121. memory card reader
    April 14, 11:49 Reply

    If you're not familiar with the streaming music service and Android application, it allows for personalized radio stations built around artists, songs, and genres..

  122. James
    April 14, 11:59 Reply

    Love Slacker and would really love a free upgrade!

  123. Mark
    April 14, 12:20 Reply

    N1 and slacker, what a combo!

  124. danjee
    April 14, 12:23 Reply

    Bit late, but maybe I can win!

  125. Chris
    April 14, 12:42 Reply

    Cool. Thanks for the opp.

  126. Zach
    April 14, 12:49 Reply

    Slacker is the best radio app =D

  127. Tina D
    April 14, 13:31 Reply

    Slacker is awesome!!! :) :) pick me please

  128. hotwire49
    April 14, 13:40 Reply

    I kicked sat radio the the curb after discovering Slacker on my Droid.

  129. Miller
    April 14, 14:02 Reply

    Out goes Antenna on AIR and Pandora, hello Slacker Plus.. hoping to win!

  130. Barry
    April 14, 14:21 Reply

    Would love to try one, sounds great!!

  131. codie
    April 14, 14:24 Reply

    Sign me up, I would love to win some slacker radio time! AG4lyfe!

  132. jay
    April 14, 14:30 Reply

    I'd love to win a slacker subscription. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. Indiecheese
    April 14, 10:51 Reply

    Slacker is to me what yellow paint is to Munchkins.

  134. @metropolis2k
    April 14, 14:52 Reply

    Love me some Slacker, Love me some Android, Love me some Music. Please let me win

  135. scott
    April 14, 15:01 Reply

    Great site and great product of slacker.

  136. machiavelli
    April 14, 15:12 Reply

    Just gave slacker a try yesterday and thought it was fantastic! Bonus points for working in Canada without the need for workarounds like Pandora.

  137. Kevin
    April 14, 16:11 Reply

    Pick me! Pick me! I don't want to be a sad Droid.

  138. @kenypowa
    April 14, 16:18 Reply

    Slacker is awesome. Better than Pandora IMO!

  139. Domino
    April 14, 13:37 Reply

    Every morning..Step 1. one boot up PC Step 2. Start Slacker.

  140. Walter Hutton
    April 14, 17:53 Reply

    This looks soo much better than Pandora man I hope I get a free subscription that would be awesome..Please pick me!!!!

  141. @spidremann
    April 14, 18:49 Reply

    I'm not even close to the first comment, does THAT increase my chances? Seriously, I don't even remember why I ever bothered with Pandora after using Slacker, so I would love this!

  142. jonathan
    April 14, 14:56 Reply

    Yes! Station caching FTW (when I don't have signal).

    PS – Your e-mail validation code is broken. The plus sign (+) is a valid character in an e-mail address. Please fix that!

  143. paige
    April 14, 21:15 Reply

    Can't hear the show live, I'm at work but a long time fan of the site.

  144. Nick040489
    April 14, 21:51 Reply

    This would be awesome. I have been using the free version of Slacker ever since the Blackberry Storm first came out. Now that I have a Droid it would be awesome.

  145. casey
    April 14, 22:34 Reply

    I would love to have the Slacker Plus!

  146. Chris
    April 14, 20:45 Reply

    Hmm….I've been thinking about giving Slacker mobile a shot over Pandora anyway….

  147. androidfan22
    April 15, 00:52 Reply

    I'm using a Droid and I haven't put any music on it yet and would love to keep space clear on my SD Card so please help me out!

  148. LvDisturbed1
    April 15, 08:26 Reply

    This is gonna be like hitting a jackpot here in Las Vegas…except I won't lose anything!

    • kruzen510
      April 16, 00:30 Reply

      This is the best Android podcast out there, you guys rule.

  149. Jack McClure
    April 16, 01:11 Reply

    Here's my entry. I am big on Android ( G1, MT3G, Nexus, Droid)

  150. mike D.
    April 18, 01:16 Reply

    I love Slacker Radio. I've been using Slacker Radio basic for a year now. It would be nice to have Slacker Radio Plus. Thanks.

  151. Stan
    April 28, 00:07 Reply

    Love Slacker. Would go well w/ my future purchase of the EVO.

  152. Steve
    May 16, 01:27 Reply

    Slacker KILLZ Pandora! Lovin the cache feature for those long subway rides.

  153. Paul
    May 25, 21:44 Reply

    Slacker is great! I love it.

  154. mike
    May 27, 17:05 Reply

    I've really wanted to try Slacker Radio to see how it compares with

  155. khay
    July 13, 19:25 Reply

    thank you so much for sharing. nice post. like this :p

  156. Flour Mills
    June 09, 10:04 Reply

    I used to be just searching at associated blog content for my challenge
    study when I occurred to stumble upon yours. Thank you for the practical

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