December 17, 2014

Slacker Radio Plus Giveaway!

We’re pleased to announce another giveaway of Slacker Radio Plus accounts!  If you’re not familiar with the streaming music service and Android application, it allows for personalized radio stations built around artists, songs, and genres.  The Radio Plus accounts give you all the great features of the free version plus a host of other options!

  • No Audio or Banner Ads
  • Unlimited Song Skips
  • Complete Lyrics
  • Unlimited Song Requests
  • Mobile Station Caching

One of the great new additions to Slacker Radio Plus is cached stations. These act like your normal stations except they can be stored on you handset to be played back where there is no data or WiFi connection!

What’s Up for Grabs?

Three 3-month subscriptions
Two 1-year subscriptions

How to Enter

We’re big fans of the nice and easy contest approach. Leave a comment below with your name to be entered into a random drawing for one of the five prizes!  We’ll draw the winning names on Thursday night and read the winners off on the new podcast!  We will also be replying directly to your comment so if you make up an email address, you’re probably going to be a sad droid.

  • scott

    Great site and great product of slacker.

  • machiavelli

    Just gave slacker a try yesterday and thought it was fantastic! Bonus points for working in Canada without the need for workarounds like Pandora.

  • Austin Lane

    I like slacker radio!

  • Marissa

    love slacker!

  • Kevin

    Pick me! Pick me! I don't want to be a sad Droid.

  • John

    JP from Toledo, OH

  • @kenypowa

    Slacker is awesome. Better than Pandora IMO!

  • @jamestomwright

    Would love to win! Slacker Radio is the best Android app.

  • Domino

    Every morning..Step 1. one boot up PC Step 2. Start Slacker.

  • Walter Hutton

    This looks soo much better than Pandora man I hope I get a free subscription that would be awesome..Please pick me!!!!

  • @spidremann

    I'm not even close to the first comment, does THAT increase my chances? Seriously, I don't even remember why I ever bothered with Pandora after using Slacker, so I would love this!

  • @jaybeeunix

    ooh, music *drool*

  • jonathan

    Yes! Station caching FTW (when I don't have signal).

    PS – Your e-mail validation code is broken. The plus sign (+) is a valid character in an e-mail address. Please fix that!

  • paige

    Can't hear the show live, I'm at work but a long time fan of the site.

  • Nick040489

    This would be awesome. I have been using the free version of Slacker ever since the Blackberry Storm first came out. Now that I have a Droid it would be awesome.

  • andydroid

    is it any different from Pandora.

  • casey

    I would love to have the Slacker Plus!

  • Chris

    Hmm….I've been thinking about giving Slacker mobile a shot over Pandora anyway….

  • androidfan22

    I'm using a Droid and I haven't put any music on it yet and would love to keep space clear on my SD Card so please help me out!

  • USCtrojanfanG12010

    Slacker 4 a SLACKER!!! oooooh baby & how!!!!!!

  • LvDisturbed1

    This is gonna be like hitting a jackpot here in Las Vegas…except I won't lose anything!

  • Kevin Kuzia

    Woo! Love me some Slacker.

  • JHanlon

    Did I win?

    • kruzen510

      This is the best Android podcast out there, you guys rule.

  • Jack McClure

    Here's my entry. I am big on Android ( G1, MT3G, Nexus, Droid)

  • raymoore

    Pick me. Pick me. :)

  • mike D.

    I love Slacker Radio. I've been using Slacker Radio basic for a year now. It would be nice to have Slacker Radio Plus. Thanks.

  • Al Holzman

    Love Slacker on my Moment…

  • Stan

    Love Slacker. Would go well w/ my future purchase of the EVO.

  • Lawrence Aubin

    I'd like a chance to win. Thanks..

  • Bob

    I'm in

  • John Nance

    Hey! Can I have Slacker radio Plus?

  • Steve

    Slacker KILLZ Pandora! Lovin the cache feature for those long subway rides.

  • Granite

    Count me in!

  • Paul

    Slacker is great! I love it.

  • mike

    I've really wanted to try Slacker Radio to see how it compares with

  • khay

    thank you so much for sharing. nice post. like this :p

  • Edgar

    Slacker is a great app

  • Visham987

    slacker radio got the best radio

  • Flour Mills

    I used to be just searching at associated blog content for my challenge
    study when I occurred to stumble upon yours. Thank you for the practical

  • Dewurite7

    Looking to try plus.