December 22, 2014

Slacker Radio Plus Giveaway!

We’re pleased to announce another giveaway of Slacker Radio Plus accounts!  If you’re not familiar with the streaming music service and Android application, it allows for personalized radio stations built around artists, songs, and genres.  The Radio Plus accounts give you all the great features of the free version plus a host of other options!

  • No Audio or Banner Ads
  • Unlimited Song Skips
  • Complete Lyrics
  • Unlimited Song Requests
  • Mobile Station Caching

One of the great new additions to Slacker Radio Plus is cached stations. These act like your normal stations except they can be stored on you handset to be played back where there is no data or WiFi connection!

What’s Up for Grabs?

Three 3-month subscriptions
Two 1-year subscriptions

How to Enter

We’re big fans of the nice and easy contest approach. Leave a comment below with your name to be entered into a random drawing for one of the five prizes!  We’ll draw the winning names on Thursday night and read the winners off on the new podcast!  We will also be replying directly to your comment so if you make up an email address, you’re probably going to be a sad droid.

  • Ray Lucas

    Slacker fan for year. Now it is how I find new and great music. Good stuff…

  • Dshiznit00


  • @superdorf

    Yo… I'm in

  • ButtMonkey

    Slacker Slacker butt cracker

  • airos4

    yes please

  • Jonathan

    My name is Jonathan! I hope I make it, really like to win something on here for once lol

  • Eric

    Yeah, give it to me.

  • JLY

    wow,does it work in malaysia?

  • Ryan

    Word em' up!

  • Adebayo


  • Dave

    Love it!

  • cdburdick

    I love my Slacker on my G2, my PC, my laptop, my Droid, my BlackBerry …

  • Foyaeman

    Ooh pick me!

  • David

    love my slacker

  • Frank

    Me! Me! Please!!! :) And thanks a lot for the blog btw. Great reads!

  • Chris

    Sweet! Slacker pwns. Would love to see what the Pro is actually like, and what the benefits are. Thanks for keeping it coming.

  • Jason

    I'm in!

  • Jessica Buch

    I LOVE Slacker Radio!!! A free subscription would be great!!!

  • Gunslinger

    Can has? Plz?

  • jason

    Slacker is the best. listened to it all the time during work.

  • chaffinyo



    GL hope i win

  • StephenO

    I could definitely put this to good use.

  • ChrisMccord

    I can't believe just how much I actually use the app. I can't go a day without using it!! It's awesome!

  • acekard

    Slacker always rocks.It continues to eliminate the obstacles between listeners and their favorite music…

  • @knight4linux

    Can't wait for the podcast!

    Enter me (knight4linux) in the drawing, thanks Androidguys and Slacker Radio.

  • Yusef

    I Yusef would enjoy this. Its pronounced you-siv btw. A year subscription is gonna be awesome.

  • memory card reader

    If you're not familiar with the streaming music service and Android application, it allows for personalized radio stations built around artists, songs, and genres..

  • James

    Love Slacker and would really love a free upgrade!

  • @mashryock

    I would love Slacker radio!

  • Mark

    N1 and slacker, what a combo!

  • jason

    Can I still enter?

  • JTTaylor

    I'll try it! Sounds cool.

  • danjee

    Bit late, but maybe I can win!

  • Jay

    Fingers crossed

  • Chris

    Cool. Thanks for the opp.

  • Zach

    Slacker is the best radio app =D

  • Kevin

    I love slacker

  • Kierven de Mesa

    I hope I win…

  • Tina D

    Slacker is awesome!!! :) :) pick me please

  • @kiel1592

    Nice!…I hope I win..

  • hotwire49

    I kicked sat radio the the curb after discovering Slacker on my Droid.

  • Carlos

    I want in! =)

  • Miller

    Out goes Antenna on AIR and Pandora, hello Slacker Plus.. hoping to win!

  • Barry

    Would love to try one, sounds great!!

  • codie

    Sign me up, I would love to win some slacker radio time! AG4lyfe!

  • Tucker

    I would love a copy!

  • jay

    I'd love to win a slacker subscription. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Indiecheese

    Slacker is to me what yellow paint is to Munchkins.

  • @metropolis2k

    Love me some Slacker, Love me some Android, Love me some Music. Please let me win